Gravity Falls

Season 1 Episode 14

Bottomless Pit!

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Mar 01, 2013 on Disney XD

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  • Long Fall

    I enjoyed this collection of short stories but what I like is the setting they are telling them in. The free falling in black was both funny while also cheap on animation background. Win win. Well worth the time to watch.
  • For some reason, I didn't like this episode as much as I did the previous one

    Don't get me wrong... it's still a good episode, and I would recommend it, but it does seem to drop a bit in quality from "Boss Mabel". I liked Dipper's story, thought that Mabel's was pretty okay too, but I hardly got any enjoyment from Soos's. The concept seemed a little old (getting sucked into a video-game and whatnot) and there weren't any jokes that I laughed at.

    The idea of the bottomless pit was creative, but I just thought the sudden storm while they're near the pit was just a little TOO inconvenient... I would of liked to see more originality in that department.

    Overall, an above average Gravity Falls episode that's pretty good for a filler.
  • Tales from the Falls

    It's Gravity Falls doing anthology horror and I thought this was very good and I feel underrated.

    The first tale which is Dipper's is my second favorate. The only problem was the prank call joke didn't work, it was kinda out of character for Dipper to call a random person and insult them. This joke I thought would of worked if Dipper prank called Robbie, I don't know why the writer didn't do that.

    But anyway this tale is bizzare but funny, I really loved the new voice Dipper had which was hillarious and just music to my ears because he sounded like a commercial announcer. I really like how Zoos and Mabel react to Dipper's new voice, they both hit Dipper with a golf club or broom mistakenly thinking he's possesed by a Warlock or Demon. But I just love the things Dipper says with the voice, like one verbal cue was a Simpsons reference, but my favorate was when Dipper was verbally anouncing his actions Ahhhh and Escape while taking action that was hillarous because he really didn't need to say them. But I like that in the end Dipper gets his old voice back and accepts and apperciates himself for what it is.

    The second story from Zoo's is my favorate because I love Pinball, I've been a pinball player ever since I was six the same time I became a video gamer. Also Pinball isn't something tackled much in the visual medium, the only time I really see have an esential role was one episode of "Dragon Ball" but the Ralph Bashi film "Heavy Traffic". The only problem with this story, I don't feel there were enough nervious sittuations in this story, would of like seeing them get chased around by the balls more or having close calls to avoid them. This is probably due to time limtations so oh well. But anyway this story was great, I really love the design of the Pinball table it looks like a game that could exist. I liked the skull cowboy maronetee villan, a little homage to the maronette head in the actually Pinball game "Funhouse". But he just had a lot of really funny lines as well as it's sinsiter nature, most Pinball character voices always seem too due to how much they tease and tempt you to score. I like that little physical humor joke about Tilting the Pinball game, this is funny because it's true most frustrated Pinball players have done it to get a high score or any other reason; I'll admit I did it once or twice but mainly because my ball is stuck.

    My favorate moment was when Zoos finds the button to turn the Pinball game off, and I really love how it parodies on the cleche in suspense thriller where all a protagonist has to do is one thing to end it all but there is also some obsticale from out of nowhere to slow their efforts down. This switch is so big you'd think even an idiot like Zoos could end it right now, but the obsitcale that slows him down is the fact that his high score will be erased and he considers it his greatest life acomplishment. I found that both funny and sad. It kinda reminds me a little of an episode of "Seinfeld" where George Castanza was trying to keep his high score on the arcade cabnet of "Frogger". But in the end, Zoos as usual does come though, and he's says a line that I thought was touching and I felt was a true life accomplishment.

    The third I'll admit is the weakest and a mild disapointment since it's from my second favorate character in the show Mabel. The premise was good sort of like the film "Liar Liar" but unlike that film this episode just wasn't funny (well may'be that scene with the bear but thats all) because the execution was wrong. Stan I felt was really out of charcter in the story he's unlikable and unfunny, even when he's forced to tell truth from the mystical choppers, nothing interesting really happens. It would of been funny if we saw Stan, struggle with the choopers, figuring out was to stop himself from telling the truth. So, Id pass on this story.

    Overall two out of three isn't bad, I'd love it if in the next season (hopefully there will be one) if they do an anthology again.
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