Gravity Falls

Season 1 Episode 7

Double Dipper

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Aug 10, 2012 on Disney XD
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When Grunkle Stan throws a big party to advertise the Mystery Shack, Dipper uses an off-kilter copy machine to make a clone of himself to be at two places at once. Meanwhile, Mabel stands up for her friends and tries to gain the "Party Queen" title in their honor, instead of having a popular girl and her group win.


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  • Almost excellent episode

    Like the previous episode, it contains an alright sounding plot. To be honest, cloning plots aren't my favorite because you know what happen in these episodes. The clones take over during the episode had enough humor for me to give a high score. Mabel, Dipper, and Wendy spraying silly string, Soos throughout the episode (mainly when was the DJ and when he finds the lighting sfx), all of Dipper's fantasy, "I shall call you number 2," "Definitley not" (Tyrone knows it means (bleep). Grenda and Candy's lines, clone fight, Dipper's clones stealing Robbie's bike, and Dipper clones' face when they get caught under the sprinklers are examples. Seriously, Soos is the most funniest in the show. He does nothing but crack me up. Everything he does here is hilarious. There were two scary scenes. Dipper's hand coming to life and Paper Jam Dipper. Paper Jam Dipper was freaking creepy and so does his voice. What I hated here was when the clones become a bit of jerks when they locked Dipper in the closet. Though it was only moment that bugged me and the rest of the episode was excellent.

    Score: 9.5/10moreless
  • Clone Wars

    "Once you see your chance, all you got to do is take it."

    Lincoln Hawk

    Movie: "Over the Top"

    This is another very good one, it's loosely similar to the underrated movie "Multiplicity". Like in that movie Dippers life isn't on easy street, from is inability to get certain things accomplished on time but most of all not finding the guts to ask the girl he loves out. And so creating clones seems like the best solution, at first anyway.

    I really like the interaction Dipper has with the clones at first it looks like things might get easier for him as certain things are getting accomplished, but as we see things get messy when the clones start to fight each other for Wendy's affections and try to stop the real Dipper. The battle of the clones near the end is fraking hillarous, it's the most pathetic battle I've ever seen I'm not even sure I can call it a battle. We see the Dipper clones just slap each other, miss on punches and kicks, and other pathetic displays that barely resemble fighting.

    The subplot with Mabel I think is really good and easy to relate to, because I had friends like that. I really like Mabel's two new friends, just like Mabel their all outsiders. Pacifica is another character on the show I really hate, she is so full of herself and extremely spoiled thinks everthing in life will be handed to her.

    I like how there is this parallel contrast between both Pacifica and her friends along with Mabel and her friends. Pacifica thinks that everything has to be all perfect that it has to all be the same to be on top, which is one of the reasons why her friends feel like extensions of her persona; and that anyone below her hierachy or is different in anyway deserves nothing. Mabel doesn't believe everything is perfect and what is different isn't bad . Her friends have diverse personas and feelings, their not concerned about popularity. And like her all of them have desires and they have enough guts and actually work on making them come true.

    It was sad that Mabel and her friends didn't win the contest, they did in reality you can clearly tell Pasifica cheat by bribing or even threating most people in the party, plus her singing sucks. But it didn't get Mabel and her friends down because they didn't need popularity to be happy just each other. Also it wasn't a total loss because they had the party to themselves in the end.

    Dipper learns the only thing stopping him from making his dream come true is himself, in the end it really is all up to us to make things happen. And the ending is satisfying as he gets the courage to as Wendy to dance with him in a party that already ended, but for Mabel, her friends, the D.J. (forgot his name), Wendy, and most importantly Dipper it has just begun.

Kristen Schaal

Kristen Schaal

Mabel Pines

Linda Cardellini

Linda Cardellini

Wendy Corduroy, additional voices

Alex Hirsch

Alex Hirsch

Grunkle Stan, Soos, additional voices

Jason Ritter

Jason Ritter

Dipper Pines, additional voices

Jackie Buscarino

Jackie Buscarino


Niki Yang

Niki Yang

Candy Chiu

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (6)

    • Mabel: Soos! Give me the '80s-est, crowd-pleasingest, rock-balladiest song ya got!
      (Journey-like music starts playing)
      Mabel: Excellent! (singing) Don't start un-believing! Never don't not feel your feelings!
      (crowd cheers excitedly)
      Mabel: I'm gonna do a flip! (she jumps and lands on her face) That was for you guys!

    • Pacifica: Oh, and Grenda? You sound like a professional wrestler.
      Grenda: I wanna put her in a headlock! And make her feel pain!

    • Dipper: I shall call you "Number 2."
      Tyrone: Definitely not.

    • Mabel: I'm Mabel.
      Pacifica Northwest: That sounds like a fat old lady's name.
      Mabel: I'll take that as a compliment!

    • Dipper: So here's a casual question: (clears throat) What's your favorite type of snack food.
      Wendy: Oh man, I can't just pick one.
      Dipper: No way. Mine too!
      Wendy: Wait, what?

    • Wendy: (on seeing Dipper's birthmark) The Big Dipper? So That's how you got your nickname. And I thought it was because your parents hated you.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Crew Additions and Clarifications: Bill Flores (Location Design), Sean Jimenez (Location
      Joe Pitt (Character Design), Alex Kirwan (Character Design)
      Elle Michalka (Background Paint), Josh Parpan (Background Paint), Matthias Bauer (Background Paint), Alexander Duckworth (Background Paint)
      Robert Lacko (Character Cleanup)
      James Suhr (Storyboard Revisions), Suzanne Hirota Burks (Storyboard Revisions), Celia
      Kendrick (Storyboard Revisions)
      Louis Jhocson (Continuity Coordinator)
      Brad Breeck (Main Title & Episodic Music Written and Produced by)
      Kevin Locarro (Animatic Editor), Andrew Sorcini (Animatic Editor)
      Andrew Sorcini (Assistant Film Editor), Timothy M. Snell (Assistant Film Editor)
      Jessie Slipchinsky (Digital Coordinator)
      Bobby Garza (Dialogue Engineer)
      Robert Pratt (Digital Audio Transfer)
      Sarah Wintucky (Production Control)


    • Don't Stop Believin'

      When Mabel sings "Don't Start Unbelievin'", the song is a parody of "Don't Stop Believin'", a famous 80's song sung by American rock band, Journey.