Gravity Falls

Season 1 Episode 3

Head Hunters

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Jun 30, 2012 on Disney Channel
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Dipper and Mabel must use their best sleuthing skills to uncover who is behind the sinister events after the discovery of a hidden room reunites the Mystery Shack with its long forgotten collection of wax figures.

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  • Waxwork

    Like any great Wax sculpture this episode was well sculped. I really like how this episode in a way is a nod to the adolecent detective series "The Hardy Boys" and "Nancy Drew". I really liked the plot which almost seemed like a really stupid idea, a murdered wax sculpture seriously. But supprisingly it actually worked, I really loved seeing both Mabel and Dipper doing investigative work, and the best thing about it is that they make it actually fun.

    I liked that time at the bar, the lumberjack character (forgot his name sorry) is great he's practically like the "Incredable Hulk" he's got a serious anger management problem let alone has super strength. He broke a pole in half, made a dent in a clock pole, and my favorate litterally tore the arm wresting game apart. However my favorate part of the bar scene is seeing Mabel makeing friends with this big supersized biker dude, I thought it was kinda funny but also just demonstrated Mabels strength on socialization. On a side note we discover another thing about Mabel, she's a talented sculpting artist; that just one of the thing I love about her character she's full of supprises that never stop coming, I'm just wondering what she'll do next.

    That funeral scene of the wax figure is just hillarous and one of that daftest funerals I've ever seen, up there with the Elephant funeral in the film "Santa Sagare" and the horse Lil Sebashian in the TV show "Parks and Recreation". But what made it hillarous was the uligy Gruncle Stan gave and both Soos and Stan actually crying tears.

    And of course in the final half, the good news is both Dipper and Mabel solved the case, bad news is they're in deep crap when we see all the wax figures come to life. I really liked the personas of the wax figures, let alone there were cameo voices of both Coolio and Larry King, really liked what Larry King said in the final minutes to Mabel, he always makes even the smallest topic sound great.

    It comes down to a smackdown which was fun and funny. Both Dipper and Mabel are both highly capable of kicking butt, I'd like to see what other monsters they'll fight in the future may'be aliens, zombies, gremlins, the foot clan I don't know we'll have to wait and see. Anyway, the action was well chorigraphed both were just mopping the floor with the wax figures, they didn't stand a chance. Mabel using Coolio's head as a mace and my favorate seeing Dipper swordfight against Sherlock Homes, which I thought was great but also irony because Dipper is a modern day version of Sherlock. But really like how it was taken to the roof, it reminded me of the rooftop scene in the film "Halloween like in the film it was a bit suspesnsful really like how Dipper moved and utilized the roof. But of course Dipper is unfortunately backed into a corner and it seems like he could be fraked. But knowing Dipper I knew he was moves ahead as we sun come up and well if you know wax you can guess what happened. What was really great about that finishing blow was the fact Dipper outsmarted Sherlock Homes (well ok the fake one) who is consdered one of the greatest minds; so that's just once again proves how awesome Dipper truely is.

    The only bad thing about the episode is it kinda shoots itself in the foot, as we see a major clue near the begining which really does tell us who did it. But that's a minor detail I can get past.

    This episode is a work of art.moreless
  • Me Too!

    I like it it is my Favorite
  • My favorite!!!

    This was my most favorite episode of Gravity Falls when Dipper and Mabel fight the wax fiqures. It was also really funny when Grunkle Stan fell in love with his Wax self XD this show just gets better and better!!!!
Larry King

Larry King

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John Oliver (II)

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