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  • Gravity Falls

  • I want to live in gravity falls

    Every thing about this show is Awesome the characters are hilarious, the art work is gorgeous and all the characters are absolutely lovable even Bill Chipper. I also love how Dipper and Mable love each other so much its adorable I hope this show would never end and that Stupid Disney would Stop putting it on hiatus for nearly entire years
  • Best show ever

    This is the best show on TV... Do I need to say anymore?
  • Intelligent, Funny and not Afraid to Take Risks

    Simpy put Gravity Falls, is the funniest smartest animated show I have seen since Futurama, and is probably much better than a lot of recent . I am frankly amazed that this is a Disney production as this show NEVER EVER talks down to it's audience and instead engages them with wonderful characters, and engaging mystery plot and just the right level of peril to ensure that kids are thrilled without being scared, and manages to be genuinely funny without resorting to innuendo or just plain surrealism.

    I am a 33 year od man and this is now my favorite thing on TV - bring on the second half of season 2!
  • Best Disney Show

    In 2012, I was happy that Gravity Falls is Coming to Disney Chanel! And it was TV Y7!

    It was great to watch a episode, it was amazing and It's was better than any other Disney Show!

    Great show no one hate this show!

    One word: BEST!

    Dipper and Mabel are the Main Characters, Witch there last name are Pines they have great personality!
  • A Very Clever Animated Series

    Gravity Falls is one of the most clever animated series I ever seen. The series is about the Pines Twins: Dipper and Mabel are sent to Gravity Falls, Oregon to stay with Great Uncle Stan for the summer. The town is fill with suspense and supernatural. Dipper finds a journal that is filled with entries of the supernatural and mysteries of Gravity Falls. At first, I thought this series was going to be really stupid, but I was so wrong.

    The writing of the series is genius. It has all the elements: adventure, suspense, horror, romance, comedy (there's plenty of that), drama, coming of age, and action. As the series goes on, it gets more serious and more so much codes and hidden messages. In the end of each episode, it leaves you hanging. It makes you wonder more about everything. What really impresses me that this show actually has its own jokes are very humorous and clever (there's no juvenile jokes). The animation is a bit similar to Regular Show: colorful, thick, and simple. The series is very famous for its characters. Each character is relate-able, unique, and has a role in the series. Dipper is the smart one and Mabel is the fun one. Yet, they each have their own hidden depths. Grunkle Stan is probably the most complex character in the series. At first, we see him as an old greedy jerk, but there's more to him than that. You will be amaze how he turns out later. Soos is the funny big eater, but also has some hidden depths. Wendy is a teenage girl that Dipper has a crush with a kickass and chilled personality. Other characters such as Pacifica, Robbie, Lil Gideon, Waddles, and Bill Cipher are memorable too. The voice acting is very impressive and believable. The theme song is very catchy and the music fits the suspense mood of the series.

    Gravity Falls is one of the best cartoons in this decade. It's so original and very memorable that people will keep talking about it for years.
  • Awesome

    If Disney Channel makes more shows like this, It would be on the UP-RISE.
  • It's a REALLY great show.

    Gravity Falls is one of the BEST Disney shows I've EVER seen. First of all, the plot is very good. The creator knows how much information to put in each episode without revealing to much. The episodes are always creative. Either filer or not filler, the episodes are always creative, fun, and always make me laugh at least once. The characters are NOT cliche like many other characters on Disney. The characters aren't annoying either. The voice acting is amazing. Every voice matches the character. The animation is also very pleasing. I like the art style of it. You can tell they spend a lot of time on this show. It's a comedy along with a mystery show that I think adults and kids like. I think that this show is good for everyone in the family.
  • Times have changes, I guess.

    I was a preteen when I saw the first commercial. It aired Just when Disney took a turn for the worst, but somehow, I had a feeling that Gravity Falls was going to be amazing, and now, as a fully fledged teen I can assure you, it still is. This show keeps you thinking, on your feet. It's funny, creative, and over all great and entertaining. Give this show a chance! Happy Watching!
  • A show full of surprises!

    Gravity Falls, is a very unique show. It's full of humor, character developing, and some of the biggest surprises and plot twists you'll see coming from a kids show, or maybe any show ever. It's another one of my new favorites that fills the empty void created from the cancellation of Futurama.

    The show focuses on the twins Dipper and Mabel, who have to spend their whole Summer at Gravity Falls, Oregon with their Great Uncle Stan. It also is mainly about discovering the mysteries of Gravity Falls, with a journal full of resourceful information on mythical creatures and evil spirits as a guide. The show tackles many, many different subjects. The stories they go for can vary miraculously between each episode. (For example, right after having an episode that dealt with Time Travel, they have an episode dealing with how to face your bully/problems on your own)

    Coming from Disney, it has some of the best humor I've seen come from the network. And as for the plots, they will usually be very solid and keep you entertained the whole way through. Unless of course, it's an episode relating to the show's main story (Watch the ending of Gideon Rises, and most of Season 2 and you'll know what I'm talking about), then those episodes are among the best of the series and are fan-fucking-tastic. Not saying the ones that don't relate to the show's storyline aren't good, some are actually really well done and amazing (Time-Travelers Pig, and Land Before Swine).

    I would totally recommend this show to anybody I met. I think just about anyone could get into this show. It has so much good in it, being it's clever humor, or it's bucket full of surprises it manages to pull out of its hat every here and there, this show definitely has a charm that won't be bested by another Disney show for A LONG TIME. And, it's a relatively short series, that will only probably last for 2 and a half seasons so don't worry about it becoming a drag to fully watch, like shows such as Bleach may be.

    Great show, well deserving of a 8.5/10
  • Who likes Gravity falls? This guy,this guy

    8.6 is way to low for this show its a comedy and a mystery it has a real plot with comedy packed into it. I cant wait for the next episode!
  • One of the Best Shows Today

    Gravity Falls and Steven Universe are two of the best shows on .
  • Best mystery show!

    I've been watching Gravity Falls ever since Season 1, and I loved how this show keeps me guessing, thinking of what will happened next.

    Whenever I'm looking for clues on the show I'm always glued to the screen. It's like a game. The characters are hilarious, especially Stan; even the side characters. :)

    Too bad Disney always screws up the schedueling of this show. WHY CAN'T IT AIR 24/7???
  • Review: Gravity Falls

    1. Good things

    - Gravity Falls is a mystery show. It's have good content, symbols, makes everyone wants to find out.

    - Every episodes are adventures, raise the intense inside the show.

    - Gravity Falls have jokes for fun make people relieve tension after watching some awful scenes.

    - Good animation.

    *For short, GF have 5 most interesting things: Secret, adventure, horrible (not at all), funny, and romance.

    2. Bad things

    - Gravity Falls is not good for kids, it's too horrible to them.

    - Each episode have too many animation errors.

    *GF is best for tween, and teens.
  • So far... so good :)

    This show is one the best I have ever seen on Today's Disney Channel! It has the right combination of everything. All the other shows suck because they are mostly about stupid teenage drama that do not teach anything to the kids.
  • One of the darkest, harshest shows produced by Disney... I love it.

    This show is a great combination of funny, quirky jokes and enthralling, intriguing mysteries. It has some very complex morals, including how to deal with a sociopath and an episode that's a metaphor about suicide. This is the best animated show out right now.
  • the best town is the GRAVITY FALLS!!!

    this show is really my favorite because i like adventures and the episodes are very wonderful and it is really fun discovering the secrets and the codes and it would be much more exciting if there are more seasons to come.

  • One hour left

    Oh mah god I can't wait

  • Best show that I see on the New Disney

    Seriously,who the hell really like the fact that the same Disney that was in the production of The Lion King,Bambi,Alladin,Tarzan,The Jungle Book and Dumbo,is now making shows like Jonas Brothers,Dog with a blog,Hanna Montana,Shake it up and other milions of stupid think that was the end of Disney,until this show,seriously,I know that Phineas and Ferb is another awesome show that come out on the New Disney,but Gravity Falls is even better to me,I recommend everyone watch the show
  • I-want-Milk, seriously?

    I'm not scared by this show. Well, I think it's surprisingly good.


    This show is the best show on TV. It has amazing plots, well written characters, and great jokes. Let's not mention the amazing art style! It also has amazing continuity! The episodes actually have meaning to them! Oh, and the mysteries! They always keep me interested! If you haven't seen this show, you probably should!

    This is truly one of the best shows on Disney channel. When I first saw the premire, I thought it would be stupid. But it was amazing! The characters are amazing and you can relate to them. The jokes are good written and funny. Their animation is very good.

    The plot is when twins Dipper and Mabel go to a town called gravity falls. They live in the Mystery Shack owned by Grunkle Stan. Dipper and Mabel discover that gravity falls has many secrets.

    I have nothing bad to say about this except how long it takes to release episodes. They were releasing one every 2 months. Other than that, this show is perfect. I can't wait for season 2!!!!!!

    UPDATE 9-18-14 Finally! Season 2 has finally came! It's not as good as Season 1 but still great!

    Also @marti99, have you SEEN the viewers decoding those messages? There are millions of them doing it! Look it up!

  • Good and Exellent

    I love it more than marvin marvin
  • epic4e3f

  • Disney cartoons are back!

    Amazing funny just uh I love it!
  • Can't believe it! I like a Disney show again

    1 random ep (14) DISNEY
  • Nice Show

    It really caught my attention with its surprises. Seasons 1 and 2 are both really great!

    This show is absolutely amazing. The animation is stunning, the theme song is a work of art, the characters are hilarious and adorable, the humor is awesome (it's the only cartoon that makes me laugh), the writing is brilliant, the list goes on and on. This is my favorite show of all time. There is a perfect blend of humor, cuteness, and mystery that makes it the greatest series ever to air on Disney. I love all of the characters (especially Mabel, she is the definition of cuteness), and the relationship between her and her twin brother Dipper is something to be treasured. Really, this show is brilliant and great for both kids and adults. The creator definitely knows what he is doing. Plus he sprinkles in little codes and secrets throughout the show for the viewers to solve that sometimes foreshadow what could happen in the next few episodes. I can't think of any other show that involves its viewers that way. I don't think I could love this show more. I would recommend this to anyone. And to those who are accusing this show of being satanic or brainwashing kids in an offensive way, this is a DISNEY show. Do you really think kids will look at a triangle with an eye in it and become somehow involved in an evil cult? The so called "satanic" symbols are only seen in hidden places throughout the show, and those are only meant to foreshadow the antagonist Bill Cipher and his role that he plays in the show. And that character was based on the pyramid on the dollar bill, and serves no purpose other than to be someone who gets in the way of the main characters. And the secret messages and symbols included in there? A TON of viewers decode those. It's a way to get them involved in the show. They are only meant to hint at things that might come in episodes later on. Its the supernatural creatures and objects in the show that make it really awesome and unique. This show is amazing. I'm not brainwashed at all, and neither is anyone else who likes the show. The creator based this off his summers in a forest cabin with his own twin sister; he wanted to create something that incorporated all the supernatural things he dreamed of discovering. Is that satanic? No. Is this show satanic and brainwashing? No. This show is a masterpiece. Each episode is cleverly written with lovable characters and great humor and is reviewed by Disney before it airs. Don't let anyone tell you it's stupid or evil. It's cute, funny, suspenseful, mysterious, a wee bit creepy but still really sweet and fun, and most of all, brilliant. Gravity Falls is the greatest thing to ever happen to Disney, and to TV itself. Watch it!
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