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  • This Show Is Among the Best.

    It looks like after years of lame live-action sitcoms, the Disney Channel has suddenly been rejuvenated. Frist with Ohineas and Ferb, and now with Gravity Falls. This show is The X-Files meet Twin Peaks with a touch of Phineas and Ferb. This is one cartoon I know that almost anyone will enjoy.
  • Disney's best show in a long time

    I've seen a few episodes of this show and already I'm convinced that this is the the best Disney show of all time. Everything about it is just amazing. The animation, the humor, the artwork, the plot. Everything is original. I'm glad that Disney Channel has some sense now.
  • Its So Different From Every Other Show On Disney.

    This show is just fantastic! Im 17 and I just happened to catch an episode of gravity falls when my little brothers were watching it and that show is just so funny! Its definitely my type of humor because the funny stuff that they say is things that i could easily see myself saying in just a normal conversation with my friends. I also really like how this show almost has a mature humor to it without being inappropriate for younger viewers. Its just refreshing how the funny isn't forced unlike other shows like austin and ally where they have to bring in a freakin kangaroo on the show in hopes of making the show slightly funny. Its also great how nobody is trying to be a rock star on this show, the characters are just fun and you can relate to them. Also the voices of the characters really help out because when i hear their voices, especially Mabel's, i just know that those people are funny in real life. Overall its and extremely funny show that i think will last for a long time.
  • Disney is becoming its old self again.

    This show really surprised me at how amazing it was. Sure the storyline may be a little already done, but the characters' personalities and the animation style really keep me hooked to the show.

    I also admire how the creators put the hidden codes in the end credits so you can solve some of the mystery yourself. I also found some Illuminati symbols, but I spotted most of them, sort of like a Where's Waldo type-challenge, like with MLP: FiM with what they did with Derpy Hooves.

    Overall, I see great potential in this series, and hope it has multiple seasons in the future.

  • For the first time in a long while, Disney has impressed me!

    Ever since I was a little younger, I've been a big Disney fan.

    I watched the cartoons and the awesome sitcoms like That's So Raven and Lizzie McGuire and they had me at heart.

    But for a very long time, I've been unimpressed and disappointed by Disney. They used to be so great with the past shows they had, and it's like they've lost their creative spark.

    Recently (before Gravity Falls started) I saw the trailers and what not for this show, and I was rather skeptical. "Was this going to be another fail on Disney's part?"

    When I watched the pilot episode, I was SO astonished and impressed.

    This show has so much personality and it's so adorable. The characters are so unique, I'd have to say Mabel is my ultimate favourite!

    I'm 18 now, and I've never been so happy with Disney in such a long time.

    The humor is good, the animation and art style is good, it's just GREAT.

    It's so appealing, I can't get over how much I love this show.

    It HAS now become one of my top favourite cartoons to enjoy.

    Disney... for the first time in a long time, you have impressed me.
  • Why does it get such low ratings?

    Before I watched it for the first time, I was expecting it to be rubbish. I was surprised at how funny and interesting it was. The ratings weren't impressive but I thought they would get better as the series went along, but it hasn't. Hopefully, this show would get better ratings so it can get renewed for a second season and continue to grow.

    Ok, so I'm watching TV, right? And all of a sudden: BLAM! The new Gravity Falls promo comes on. I just look at it, half brain dead, not really caring, 'cause it's been awhile since I could watch anything on Disney that didn't make me barf, aside from P&F. So I ignore it. But then... the pilot airs. Ever the optimist, I give in. I watched it. AND I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT. It. Was. Amazing. I don't think I've ever fell head over heels with something so hard since I saw Invader Zim. With other cartoons, there's just no.... no hook, ya know? I mean, you watch it to see what crazy shenanigans the characters get into next, but nothing that keeps you up half the night, desperately scouring the internet for any new information on it. That is not Gravity Falls. The- the- the air, yeah, the air of mystery that this show gives off is an irresistible hook for those who love stuff like that, and who need answers as much as they need cute little piggies. In short, this show is one of the best I've watched, and I'd recommend it to anyone with an attention span longer than that of a flea, and an imagination. Also, the animation kicks ass, the color is beautiful, and Mabel is adorable with her never ending flow of sweaters. WATCH IT. THE TACO MAN COMMANDS YOU.
  • Please no one listen to TwoTonePhantom

    Okay let me start off by saying, in general, i hate the Disney channel. Sometime in the past 5 years it has gone down hill so bad, but is this show the messiah to save Disney? Okay, on to the show, plain and simple, it is genuis, witty, eye candy. Not only is the show genuinly kind hearted and hilarious but the social satire is so spot on. (can anyone say illuminati conspiracy theory). The animation is elegent and leaves your eyes satisfied and thirsting for more. (the color pallette is also wonderful). The music is great and so is the vibe of the whole show. The characters are silly but not over the top like 98% of the Disney channel. In fact the characters are down right cute. The whole show is just, amazing. While other cartoons such as Adventure Time and Regular Show are great, Gravity falls has a sort of 'down to earth' feel that the others dont have. Please, if you havent already, give the show a warm welcoming chance, and i promise, you will feel right at home. Thank you Disney, you have restored my faith.
  • Gravity Falls

    When the previews of this show came out, I almost automatically knew I was going to dislike this show, because mainly I'm not a big fan of cartoons, except SpongeBob is great. But anyways, I was at a sleepover with my best friend, and talked me into watching some of the back-to-back episodes of Gravity Falls with her, so I finally said yes and agreed to watch only one episode with her. So I watched the first episode with her, and I immediately loved it. I mean, I really love the shows that are mysterious and creepy, kind of like House of Anubis which is one of my favorite shows. Thanks to my best friend, this is my second favorite show, (yes, second favorite, nothing can surpass Good Luck Charlie!), and I totally love the plot, and Mabel too. She just brightens up to whole show with her wild imagination and smile, and of course Dipper, he's pretty interesting too. So all in all it's a 10/10, and I'm never going to judge a book by it's cover, (or a show by it's commercial) again because of that. :)
  • It's a great show, the best out of any show on Disney Channel

    This is the best show on Disney Channel right now. The sitcoms are all the same so there's really no competition. It blew Fish Hooks away quickly and soon proved it was better than Phineas & Ferb. The humor is good and not to much close to fart jokes luckily (that humor is not actually humor). Also, the characters seem great I thought I wouldn't like Soos but he is actually kind of cool. The episode plots are a little dull and not too much humor (like the newer episode of Adventure Time) but it's still overall a good show.

    UPDATE: Oh yeah and they also don't make the teenage girls flat. That's not a pervy thing, I'm being serious. Like Candace on P&F, how is she 16?
  • It's ok, but WAY too over hyped.

    Let me go ahead and say that, i think this show is.. ok at best. Before you thumb me down let me just say that i don't hate this show either, in fact.. it's better than alot of shows on Disney, especially better than Fish Hooks. But this show still isn't SPECTACULAR like people claim it is. The animation is again.. ok, it's just that same weird flash style that for some reason only Disney has, it kind of looks like Fish Hooks but not as ugly and choppy but still not great. The humor is hit and miss, some jokes made me laugh others made me wonder what the hype was about. The one thing i like about the show is definitely the character development, the characters have such originality and personality, it's not the same old teen drama crap. All in all this is not a bad show, but it's not the best show. But better than Fish Hooks and new seasons of P&F. I give it a 7/10, it's Ok.
  • The Future of Quality Cartoons

    Alright everyone, I'm going to say it right now, Gravity Falls is the best thing to happen to Disney since Phineas and Ferb. I've seen the first few episodes that have been released and I am very impressed. It's got everything a good cartoon should have: great music and voice acting, awesome animation, smart storytelling, tasteful cultural references, subtle continuity, edgy dialogue, hilarious writing, crazy twists, memorable characters, plus a cryptic plot to top it all off (Homestucks will enjoy it for sure). This is some serious quality I'm seeing here, few shows get me this worked up. This show delivers. I cannot wait to see where this show goes, because I think this is the future of cartoons.
  • Just eh

    I get what this show is, but they don't do a good job with it. To be fair, I've only seen the first two episodes, but I didn't laugh once. And I don't really like the look of it. I wish it would be funnier. Mabel could be more wacky, and the uncle character just bothers me. Does it get better? I think I'll change the channel in the future when this comes on.
  • one of my best tv show

    this show is so cool its kind of like regular show my another favorite show is Phineas and Ferb, Johnny Test, Regular Show, Fairly Oddparents and Danny Phantom
  • A Daring Show

    From when I first heard about this show, I knew I was going to really like it. Well, it sure got under my skin. The first episode was ammazing. Here is everyhting that made it so:

    Animation: The animation is really beautiful. The beckgrounds are nicely designed and detailed and its just really eye-seducing to look at. That's one of the show's qualities that will for sure, pull in fans.

    Plot: The show has a good plot and it seems the show won't focus all on comedy, but mystery too. I like the fact that the show seems to be going for continuous plot lines and an over reaching mystery. Kind of like Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated.

    Setting: Creepy town + Quality anbimation = Pure awesomeness.

    Aside from Animation, Plot, and Setting, I think that this show feels somehow different then a regular Disney show/cartoon. It for sure has some Cartoon Network-edge to it!

    Characters: Mabel is hilarious ^^ . I nearly die of laughter with everything she says or does. Dipper is an awesome character. A very good heroic protaganist.

    Overall, this show is amazing and I'm glad with how it turned out :) .
  • Best Wishes to Gravity Falls

    Alex Hirsch, screenwriter for 'The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack' and co-developer of 'Fish Hooks,' is the creator of the new, quirky Disney Channel show, 'Gravity Falls.'

    The plot is nothing that hasn't been done been done before, but I still commend them for making one:

    Twins Mabel and Dipper Pines are sent off to live with their Great Uncle (Grunkle) Stan over the Summer. Dipper discovers a book that describes numerous monsters supposedly living in Gravity Falls. They start coming across said monsters and are constantly trying to solve the mystery behind the strange town.

    While the plot is nothing new, they still have fun with it and manage to keep it interesting with their colourful mix of characters. There's Dipper, the level-headed, yet curious protagonist. Mabel, his fun, eccentric twin sister. Grunkle Stan, their cheap, sour Uncle. Soos, the man-child who works at Grunkle Stan's "Mystery Shack," and Wendy, the rebellious teenager (who we don't see much of in the pilot.)

    The comedy is something different for Disney. It's a lot cruder and judging from the time slot for the preivew, they're trying to see if it'll do well with an older audience. Either way, I'd say it's suitible for a younger audiences as well as older ones. No worse than something like Spongebob.

    The animation for this show was great! It's reminiscent of Cartoon Network's style of animation, but that's probably because Hirsch worked for Cartoon Network in the past. The backgrounds are very detailed and fun to look at and the opening for the show is also great (and it comes with a catchy tune.)

    From what I've gathered, this is a very creator-based show, which is something I'm glad to hear. The creator knows what's best for their own show after all. Just look at Phineas and Ferb.

    Overall, this show looks like it'll be a good one. Something new for Disney, which is always nice.

  • It's nice to see a DC show that isn't a mindless sitcom.

    DC has been nothing but a channel full of mindless teen sitcoms and "Original" movies that aren't very original for the most part. While P&F is the only saving grace at the moment, S3 has been bad lately; however, we finally get a show that's fun and original, yet inspired.

    Gravity Falls is about twins who stay with their uncle in Oregon for the summer while they encounter very weird stuff. The plot sounds really good.

    The pilot episode is pretty good too. Mabel, the over-happy girl, goes out with a date with some creepy dude. Dipper finds this book about the weird stuff of the town. After reading it, He, suspects that creepy boyfreind is really a zombie. I won't spoil the rest, but it has the best ridiculous twist I've ever seen.

    The show also reminds a lot of Regular Show. The artstyle, the weirdness, and even the golf cart chase at the end of the pilot reminded me of RS's chase scenes. The characters are likable for the most part. The artstyle is attractive, and the animation is great.

    Gravity Falls is an interesting show overall. This show is basically DC's version of Regular Show, but even better. I can see this series succeeding a lot in the future.

    Final Score: 8.5
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