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    Guys, Don't watch this show. It's EVIL and has too MANY SATANIC MESSAGES and ILLUMINATI SYMBOLISMS! At the end of the theme song it has a hidden backwards voice that might scare kids.

    Shows like this should NOT have people watching this bullshit.

    The plot is so bad and bright colors!
  • Stupid

    This show is stupid. The characters are ugly and no fart jokes. Also people prefer this over Uncle Grandpa, get real.
  • Amazing!

    Gravity Falls is one of my favorite shows and Disney XD. It has humor, its interesting, It has good animations, and a touch of romance. Its a great show but it can be pretty creepy at times. But in all its awesome.
  • good show.

    i like it mabel is just like me.
  • Dont listen to l-want-milk

    This show has nothing to do with Illuminati look it up your info before u type...
  • Pretty good for the most part, but it's better suited for Cartoon Network than Disney Channel.

    Believe it or not, I actually like Gravity Falls. It reminds me a bit of the old Cartoon Network original series, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Speaking of Cartoon Network, I really think this show is better suited for that network rather than Disney Channel. I don't know why, but when people think of Disney, they think of fairy tales, Pixar, Mickey Mouse, and of course those great Disney theme parks; not a show like Gravity Falls, which is more suited for CN due to its edge, but that's just me. Overall, it's a great show, and it's one of my top picks on TV today.
  • Epical.

    Just epic, man. Nothing but good things to say about this one. It fits the BILL, man. There are so many epic codes to figure out and deCIPHER. It IS just the best thing I have ever seen for kids, and is totally worth WATCHING.
  • The only good thing on Disney Channel.

    I like this. :)
  • A Disney Channel Cartoon made in the 2010s that's GOOD!

    This is definitely a show worth watching, and it seems that Disney Channel is getting out of it's bad cartoon/ teeny bopper slump just like Cartoon Network. I'm not rating it a 10 as of now because I know for sure that it will have a dud at some point. But over all the show is good and one dud in the future will not take away from the overall quality. Take note I don't judge tv shows by just one episode alone, Powerpuff girls can't be judged by Town and Out, Foster's can't be judged by Everyone knows it's Bendy, Hey Arnold can't be judged by Arnold Betrays Iggy, etc. Still, this show is well thought out, well animated and proves that Disney Channel still has something that Nickelodeon doesn't seem to have these days, WRITERS. In fact, this may be one of the shows that can help the network stay afloat and help improve the network. But my favorite part about this show, the characters, they're likable, relatable, and they always want to suck you in to having a good time in gravity falls. Plus, the pine twin's guides, excellent segments.
  • Remember when Disney Channel sucked?

    That brief period of time where there were nothing but shitty live-action teen comedies to get ratings? Well, Gravity Falls definitely brought them out of their doldrums. It's definitely my favorite cartoon currently airing and seems to have that same effect on most others, so let's keep it up Disney. You've already canned . Farm and Shake It Up, now lets get some more great cartoons and I might one day have the courage to say you're the best Network currently airing. That title belongs to CN btw.
  • Great!

    The best show on Disney Channel.
  • It's Like Harry Potter Meets Summer Vacation

    This is basically the only show I watch on Disney Channel. It has a blend of humor, horror, sci-fi, romance, mystery, and fantasy rolled into one show.

    Like Harry Potter, it has a fantasy setting in a real world environment. It has gnomes, zombies, ghosts, and merpeople in the show, making it all the more fascinating.

  • I don't see what's so great about it...

    Honestly, there's nothing good about it. I've fallen asleep many times watching it. I mean, it's just kind of rude if you ask me, they make fun of one of the characters weight, Mabel makes fun of the way Dipper sneezes, it's just not funny. And don't even get me started on the apparent romance in the show. The characters are how old? 12! Would you want your child dating at 12? I don't think so. Disney's shows always have some type of romance in them, but at least the characters are normally old enough to date. Even Shake It Up is comparable to this crap. Whereas the mom was at least telling CeCe (who was 16) that she was too young to date. This show is honestly garbage. There's maybe an occasional positive message to it, and that's it.

    And also, I've noticed that Mabel is a stereotypical preteen which kind of annoys me... When I was that age, I at least had the knowledge to not make fun of other peoples voices...
  • The only show on Disney Channel that is worth watching right now

    It's refreshing to see an original DC show that isn't some teen sitcom about a teen celebrity or progeny. This show has themes and characteristics that Disney Channel has had for a while; mystery, suspense, fantasy, actual good humor, decent plots, and characters with some depth. There's some magic, myth, alternate history, and some wonder although some of the characters do have annoying moments and other minor faults but still it's by far better than what DC has been airing and making lately. My main problem is the twins specifically Mabel is dating/attempting to date. 12 is too young unless you are in a culture that normally marries/matures at a young age and starts an adult life. Nothing wrong with being interested in the other sex though. Hopefully this can a start for a comeback for not only for Disney Channel but for Disney itself. Disney in general needs good new ideas.
  • A great, suspenseful kids show with a touch of humor!

    Gravity Falls is an amazing kids' show who has people sitting on the edge of their seats. Not only is it dead humorous, but it has great mysteries, for example, the symbols with the llama, stars, pine tree, etc. It does not only satisfy young children, but it gives teens a good laugh as well. And the mystery behind all of this; it's just amazing. Hirsch has done an amazing job of giving the elements of a mysterious comedy. The reason I haven't rated it a 10, which I would have, honestly, is because of the illuminati symbols. Although the clues and the decoding are phenomenal, it may frighten some young children of the one-eyed pyramid. Come on, this is a kids' show. But, despite that, I absolutely LOVE this show!
  • awesome

  • Welcome To Gravity Falls

    Just, perfect. Except for the few disturbing things behind its golden locked doors. Are you ready to go to Gravity Falls?

    This is truly one of the best shows on Disney channel. When I first saw the premire, I thought it would be stupid. But it was amazing! The characters are amazing and you can relate to them. The jokes are good written and funny. Their animation is very good.

    The plot is when twins Dipper and Mabel go to a town called gravity falls. They live in the Mystery Shack owned by Grunkle Stan. Dipper and Mabel discover that gravity falls has many secrets.

    I have nothing bad to say about this except how long it takes to release episodes. They were releasing one every 2 months. Other than that, this show is perfect. I can't wait for season 2!!!!!!

  • alright...

    They have too much Illuminati symbolism and satanic meaning in the show... But over all it is really funny and entertaining, I just think it is a little inappropriate and should not be on Disney! But I like it kind of. It has a good plot and all and funny there is more to this show then meets the EYE and I just don't know if I fully hate it or like it.
  • Pretty much perfect

    I feel like this show is too good for the Disney Channel. Ever since i was a child i avoided everything on Disney because is was never funny or entertaining to me in any way. But THIS is fantastic. The animation is excellent (especially on the opening sequence), the character designs are cute, and it is legitimately funny and entertaining. Sure, some little jokes are misses, but it is easily forgivable. Overall, this is a very clever program, and quite a divergent endeavor for the Disney Channel. Probably one of the best animated shows on television right now!
  • Cute, fun, and all-around entertaining

    There was a time where I used to think that Disney Channel was full of generic teen sitcoms and other garbage, though I was quite impressed with this little show that I honestly think I've been missing out on for quite a while!

    There is really not much bad to say about this show, really. The animation is smooth, cute, and easy on the eyes, just as much as the humor is clever and original. The story is odd, though in a way that keeps you intrigued and wanting more, which is perfect for a show about mystery. Along with that, the characters are charming, funny, easy to relate to, and likable.

    In full, it's a show that's worth keeping on, and watching! It even makes me miss the days of Toon Disney.
  • Wow, this is just........... AMAZING!!!!

    This is not only the best modern cartoon, but also the best cartoon of ALL TIME (in my opinion). That's right, I think this show is better than the classics as well. It's just THAT good. The premise is original and interesting - two twins stay at their great uncle's shack where he sells useless stuff. But then one of the twins finds a book that that explains why gravity falls is no ordinary town. What happens next? Watch this brilliant show and find out.

    Anyway, the animation is gorgeous unlike problem solverz and the jokes are some of the best I've ever heard (Butt Island :P). The characters are all really unique, loveable and even relatable.

    I just can't believe that the creator of this epic show worked on that lame show fish hooks.

    So overall, Gravity falls is an awesome show that is loved by smart people with a sense of humour such as myself and many others and hated by idiots with a horrible sense of humour like coolguy121212.

    Go watch this show, it's way better than that overrated show my little pony: friendship is magic (even though I like that show). It's the best thing that Disney, or any company has ever made.
  • It's good. Does have some bad episodes though.

    The first season currently just ended, and I'm excited for Season 2. The episodes you should NOT watch are The Legend Of The Gobblewonker, The Hand That Rocks The Mabel, The Inconveniencing, Dipper vs Manliness, The Time Traveler's Pig, Little Dipper, Boss Mabel, The Bottomless Pit, Boys Crazy, Land Before Swine, Dreamscapcapers, and Gideon Rises. But everything else is okay. However the characters look kind of poor. The bad episodes bring it down to an 8, and the character designs bring it one more point down. So it's a 7. 10 - 2 - 1 = 7 out of 10. That's not that bad.

    Disney finally did something good for a change! A great show with good animation and hilarious characters. Add that with Mystery and Monsters, and you got a great animated show!
  • Overrated

    Okay, I know some people will see this as a really harsh rating, but this is not the show for me. It does have a few funny moments but it's not that enjoyable imo
  • A Darn Well Break From the Putrid Stench of Other Disney Shows!

    This is one of the few shows on Disney Channel that is actually good. I nice break from there terrible live action sitcoms, which make me want to punch there actors in the face. I'll try to give a review of the show in my perspective.

    Plot: The show follows two co-protagonists, fraternal twins, Dipper and Mabel. During summer break, they are sent to the strange town of Gravity Falls by there parents, in order to be more welcome to the outdoors. The twins are sent to live with there great uncle, Stanford Pines. Little did they know, this town holds darker secrets un-comprehensible by man. What do I think of the plot? It's fairly simple, which is good. To be honest, it's a very plot driven show! However, the plot development can be pretty slow, considering the season finale had a huge plot twist which made my jaw drop!

    Characters: The characters are very fun and likable, too. You have Dipper, which to be honest, is the only character that actually has some character progression. It's nice to witness how he matures more throughout the show. Mabel is the twin sister, and the silly one of the protagonist duo. I never thought she was annoying, and in fact, she can be pretty ditsy and adorable at times. "Grunkle" Stan is an interesting character, being that the show hints towards him being more than what he's shown on the outside. That's all I can say about the main, more "focused" on characters.

    Humor: I understand that humor is a very sensitive subject, as people have different tastes. In my opinion, the humor in this show is hit-and-miss. Don't worry, though, it's not corny or stupid like most of the Disney sitcoms.

    Animation: This, by far, has to be the best animation I've seen in a cartoon show! It's sort of unique in it's own way, and can be very detailed and atmospheric!

    These are the basic factors I can touch up upon in this review. Overall, it's a very fun show to watch and it's very interesting! I recommend it to anyone who is in to the mystery, thriller, or so genre!
  • Finally, a good show from Disney

    UPDATE: When I first reviewed this show, I thought it stood out from all the other shows on Disney Channel, and that is what I reviewed. Now looking back at the first season, I think of it as a show that stands out among all those on TV currently, especially in the animation category.

    As I stated previously, Gravity Falls has balanced comedy, sci-fi, and mystery without botching one of them. Throughout the first season, the show has continuously done this, although the mystery aspect has stood out from among the rest. Question after question is asked, and the smaller ones are answered while the bigger ones keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you on a cliffhanger. This is what has gotten me hooked to the show and has probably got anyone else hooked as well. You know the mystery aspect stands out when entire websites about conspiracies on the show have formed and tumblr is consumed with thousands of comments about the mysteries.

    However, after watching TV for a number of years, I know that a show and its vision is nothing without its original show runner. Alex Hirsch sounds like he already knows the answer to every question the show has asked, and probably the ending to the series as well. It seems like he is so committed to entertaining the viewer that he takes the time to created hidden codes and messages in the show, and from what I've seen writes almost every episode. From many shows that I've watched in the past, it seems like they are so promising, but collapse once the creators and show runners go on to other projects. Seth MacFarlane and Stephen Hillenbrand are examples. However, I have never been more confident that Hirsch will stick with the series and answer all of the questions the series has presented, unlike the answers that Lost never provided.

    These days, I mostly turn on Disney Channel for only Gravity Falls. After seeing some preview for a seemingly horrifyingly bad show called Liv and Maddie, which happens to be ANOTHER live-action show on Disney, Gravity Falls will probably be the only Disney show I watch from now on. It won't be a merchandise creator or get as much attention as Phineas and Ferb, but it will obtain a loyal group of followers that come with a critically successful show. Many great things are happening with this show, and I can't wait for the second season to start.

    OLD It all started with High School Musical, which happened to be the most successful Disney Channel movie ever. Then they thought-Hey, if all our new shows have songs in them, then they will all be successful. So they cancelled every show that wasn't about singing-ADJL, Kim Possible, and replaced it with Hannah Montana, Shake it Up, and (gasp) Austin and Ally. Even Phineas and Ferb, Disney's best show for the past 5 years, has a song in every episode. Well, now we have Gravity Falls. I happened to watch a rerun of the pilot episode, and halfway through the episode, I was thinking the same way I was thinking the first time I watched P and F, that the jokes were clever, the characters were solid, and there was no music. Gravity Falls is the first show I've seen that has combined comedy, mystery, and sci-fi without botching one of them. And this will probably make the show a hit in the future because it has something to please everyone. The comedy I thought was pretty good. No random jokes and no potty jokes were included, which pretty much ruin a show. The mystery behind the town I thought was pretty intriguing, as well as the sci-fi, as I had never really seen it an animated show, especially on this channel. The characters, I thought, were pretty normal and typical. Dipper is always looking for adventure, and is down-to-earth. Mabel is the typical ditzy glitter girl, while Uncle Stan is a great character as the owner of a tourist trap. Overall, what I've seen of this show is pretty good so far, but hopefully the songs don't come along and take half of the episodes time.
  • I like it.

    If you're the kind of person that enjoys these more "avant-garde cartoons," then you'll defiantly like Gravity Falls. When I say "avant-garde;" I'm talking about these kinds of cartoons that establish irrational conditions with equally silly characters, but utilizes them in a smart way with quick-witted dialogue. These are the kinds of shows that can entertain both children and adults, whilst keeping the child demographic blissfully ignorant of the more raunchy jokes inserted into the script (at least I should hope so).

    I speculate that this "genre" of cartoon erupted some time in the 90s with shows like Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain, but I've also seen a similar style used in select episodes of Scooby Doo and Spongebob Squarepants.

    Actually, now that I think about it, Disney's been producing somewhat racy cartoons since the beginning, though I'm not entirely sure if the kind of hidden jokes used in a cartoon from the 30's is in the same grade as what I'm referring to with Gravity Falls.

    The show also utilizes an aspect I'm noticing in a lot of more recent shows: secrets. Adventure Time does this with a mysterious runic code and ambiguous numbers that get sprinkled into just about every scene, and even live-action shows like Arrested Development and Community do this, though not necessarily with numbers and made up languages, but rather with recurring gags and vague references from two seasons ago. I love these kinds of shows because they don't talk down to their audience.

    Besides the clever script, the animation is very attractive as well. I know it's not that classic Disney Animation that everyone and their grandmother knows and loves, but let's face it, that died with The Princess and the Frog and the last episode of The Emperor's New School.

    I know that when people criticize Gravity Falls, they often say that it uses somewhat clich scenarios, and while I do agree with this to an extent, you do have to keep an open mind and understand that this show is on Disney Channel. In my opinion, the writers deal with these necessary child-friendly story lines quiet astutely, and the fact that the show houses such entertaining and original characters makes it all the more enjoyable to watch.

    Do I feel that being hosted on Disney is crippling Gravity Falls' potential? Absolutely. As a 16 year old, I haven't turned on Disney Channel since Kim Possible was canceled, and so I can't accurately compare Gravity Falls to the more recent content that's out there (I watch everything online now), but from what I've heard, I can safely say that this show is an immaculately ingenious gem among the other brain-dead waste that is being shoveled down the throats of today's youth.

    Oh, and the theme song is really catchy, too.
  • Probably the only good Disney Channel Show in 2013

    Since Disney Channel has gone downhill, Alex Hirsch came and probably saved bored teenagers on a lonely summer day from watching Jessie or Shake it Up, by giving them a completely random show that actually has a good plot and no cheesy or dumb jokes. Gravity Falls is probably the best cartoon yet in 2013, and hopefully it will continue to be as awesome as it is now. I honestly wish it was showed more often, rather than watching Dog with a Blog or some other show that literally makes me want to jump out a window.
  • Here we go.

    Catchy music, amazing plots, clever dialogue, well developed and likeable characters, a bit of every genre, and flawless preformance in the season finale. What does this not have?

    On the downside... I admit, I didnt really like Dipper VS Manliness... And some of the characters personalities were overused, like Greedy Stan, although he seems to be quite deep if you look through his laziness and greedy attitude. Carpet Diam, although one of my most favorite episodes, has the overused mind swap plot. And the smile dip was amusing but unnerving and creepy. However, everything else was BEAUTIFUL. I cant wait for the next season!