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  • Amazing

    Mysterious and relatable.
  • What was Disney thinking??

    This show in not for kids it has nothing in it has no meaning to it for kids to watch like where is the message?? This show is creepy and disturbing. And each episode is just unexpected and has no lesson has no meaning like what am I supposed to learn from this?...... Am I supposed to learn something from this?... . Like I know it's mystery and suspense but it's a KID SHOW KIDS SHOW LIKE WTF DISNEY.... LIKE I EXPECT SHOWS LIKE THIS FORM CARTOON NETWORK BUT DISNEY...... AND THEN THEY HAVE THE NERVE TO PUT IT ON DISNEY XD LIKE THAT'S GOING TO MAKE IT I'M NOT SAYING I DON'T LIKE THIS SHOW I'M JUST SAYING I DON'T THINK THIS IS FOR KIDS AT ALL LIKE!!!!! WTF
  • The show that saved Disney Channel

    Coming into the series, I expected it to be more like Fish Hooks, another Spongebob rip-off with annoying, obnoxious characters, and disturbing humor even kids would find gross. Luckily, we got the exact opposite of that, as Gravity Falls started a renaissance of fantastic cartoons on Disney Channel (save for Pickle & Peanut and the 7D). As a matter of fact, it became my favorite cartoon along with Star vs. The Forces of Evil. One of the many things I love about this show is how much development is put into the characters. We've got Dipper, an introverted child wanting to find meaning in the world; and Mabel, an extroverted girl struggling to stay positive. Grunkle Stan comes off as hilarious and is always such a fun character. Gravity Falls also has humor superior to many cartoons over the past decade. Even good cartoons like Adventure Time and The Amazing World of Gumball tried to throw out jokes in their first season, but eventually began to focus more on creating unique and creative storylines. Then there's crap like Sanjay & Craig and Pickle & Peanut that are so desperate for good humor, they only rely on toilet humor. And then there's Phineas & Ferb, a show that is repetitive to the point where the jokes, storylines, and characters get old FAST. Gravity Falls is superb at balancing both humor (adult & kid friendly), character development, and creative storytelling. Even when the show manages to throw out jokes, they work and don't feel forced or lazy. Did I forget to mention the animation is breathtaking? In fact, I would say the animation in Gravity falls is as good as hand drawn Disney animated movies from the 90s (like Mulan & The Lion King), that's how good it is. I was very sad to see Gravity Falls end in 2016. But on the bright side, it had a fantastic conclusion, and I'm glad Disney Channel continues to show reruns of the show unlike Cartoon Network where all they ever play is Teen Titans Go and Ben 10. The creator of Gravity Falls admitted he wanted the show to end before it turned into a cash cow like Nickelodeon did with SpongeBob and Fairly OddParents, and FOX did with Simpsons and Family Guy. Overall Gravity Falls is a masterpiece, rare that you'll ever find a cartoon this good. Best cartoon along with Star vs. The Forces of Evil. 10/10
  • Mysterious, but very interesting!

    Sure, Grunkle Stan may be living with his great nephews out in a mysterious town during the summer, but the show is really awesome! It's very funny and has some interesting parts! I like Mabel and Dipper because they're cool! Wendy's cute too. Although it's kinda creepy that Dipper has a crush on her. Weird, but whatever. Overall, I love the show!
  • One of the best Disney animated shows.

    The first time I saw this show, I saw it as anyone. But as I moved on, I became more and more interested. The characters with very nice, especially Mabel, always gives me a smile. Obviously the sad thing is that the show is over, but the good thing is that it frames a great decade for the animation.
  • I'm so sad it ended...

    I love this show for many reasons, and I'm so sad that it ended, however, I understand why Alex Hirsch wanted to end it. This will always be one of my favorite animated shows and I'll miss it forever. I really hope they release the complete series on DVD in the future.
  • Love it

    Me and My sister love this show a lot!
  • Short but really sweet

    This show stands out from all other Disney shows. It actually isn't painful to watch for any age, Pretty much everything about this show is great, besides the fact it can be a little gross at times <----- the only reason I didn't give this a 10. However we have 40 episodes and a non-canceled, planed ending so we can just watch the full series over and over. Best Disney XD show of all time.
  • dont end it

    We saw Stans mind being erased but they brought him back,so Bill could also be brought back.
  • Best show ever

    I love this show much I would die for it I even cried during the final episode I hope the show come sback on next summer with a new villain and dipper and Mabel go and help gruncle Ford and stan
  • Best . Show Ever

    I love Gravity Falls and I hope that the creators make a season 3 or i'll be very upset. The final episode was amazing and it broke my heart. Gravity Falls Is The Best.
  • One of The Best Cartoons I've Ever Seen!

    I watch a lot of cartoons. I'm not ashamed of that at all, mainly because, that's usually what I do in my spare time, make cartoons. I remember watching the trailer to the show, and I think me and my friend were the only two people excited for it. We remember when it was that little show with barely any recognition, now it's arguably the most popular show of the decade. It's very sad that the show is just about over, but I know that my man, Alex will get another job elsewhere. In conclusion, great show, give it a chance, don't be a jerk, bye.
  • I love it.

    I really enjoy this show, it's one of the smartest and funniest "kiddie" cartoons on TV. My friends got me into it and I'm glad they did. You'd think it was a kids show, and that it might be a little immature for older people, but when you watch it, you'll be surprised. It has great humor and great episode plots that all ages can enjoy. It's like Spongebob or Rugrats, your'e never too old for it.
  • Why This Show Is Worthy Of Loving

    After all the good shows Disney had ended, they replaced it with junk like Austin and Ally, Jessie, Dog with a Blog, etc. Now Disney has a show that it can be proud of. I love everything about it. The jokes, the family, the meaning, Bill Cipher, the love, the codes, ciphers, conspiracies, everything. Alex Hirsch is a genius. He knows how to tug on my heart strings and make the goosebumps on me go all over my body. The shivers don't just run down my spine. They run from head to toe. I didn't cry for Augustus Waters in The Fault in Our Stars, the grandfathers tear jerking speech in If I Stay, but when I learned that Gravity Falls was coming to an end, I ate ice cream for breakfast for 3 days straight, I cried myself to sleep in my Dipper costume every night, I made like 14 Gravity Falls accounts for Twitter and Instagram just to spread the word about how amazing Gravity Falls is, and sent these little index cards to Alex Hirsch with the index cards full of reasons why Gravity Falls is the best. Every other word that comes out of my mouth is Gravity Falls related. I know i sound like I'm going over board but you just don't know how I feel then. I guess I love it so much because I finally realize what I love. I don't watch shows like I watch Gravity Falls. I get to interact with it. And I guess that's why Gravity Falls has touched not just my heart. But my soul as well. I finally know who I am. I am Dipper, Mabel, Stan, Ford, Wendy, Soos, Robbie, Blendin Blandin, Old Man McGucket, Lazy Susan, Tyler Cutebiker, Toby Determined, Bill Cipher etc. I am everybody. I am somebody who loves conspiracies and codes. I am somebody who loves theorizing. I am some body who loves mysteries. I am a paranoid Pine tree. I am a crazy pig loving sparkly shooting star. I am a grumpy old man who is greedy but with a big heart. I am a laid back llama. I am a misunderstood broken hearted teenager with out of control hormones. I am the author of the journals. I. am. Gravity. Falls!... And I couldn't be prouder of who I am.
  • Cool.

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is THE BEST CARTOON ON TV RIGHT NOW. It has actually a good story line and is too perfect!
  • Review

    The show, I have seen it since the beginning. And I got to say, WOW! It was amazing!
  • amazing

    I heard about this show so I decided to watch it to see what the fuss is all about and just wow I got hooked only after a few episodes this show is what every cartoon should be like I really hope there are more cartoons like this in the future I could give this 11/10 if I could it really deserves that (and by the way benderisisgreat if you make troll accounts just to downvote shows your an asshole)

    This show is the best show on TV. It has amazing plots, well written characters, and great jokes. Let's not mention the amazing art style! It also has amazing continuity! The episodes actually have meaning to them! Oh, and the mysteries! They always keep me interested! If you haven't seen this show, you probably should!
  • Gravity Falls Rocks!!!

    gravity falls is one of the few intelligent . shows left. Also, whoever posted "Gay Falls", you suck! because you are the reason why . is stupid in modern day. (im not saying breadwinners is bad, but its not the best show in my opinion, but you shouldn't be an a-- and criticize others great work!)
  • Great Mysteries Await

    Disney nowadays often shows more mediocre tween sitcoms than cartoons. Hardly anything on Disney was worth watching. Until I stumbled upon Gravity Falls. A show that's filled with suspense, mysteries (gonna be using that word alot), and mostly humor.

    The story takes place in a place called Gravity Falls, Orgen. A land filled with many mysterious secrets. 12 year old siblings Dipper and Mabel Pines are forced to spend their summer break with their Grunkle (great uncle) Stan. Who runs a place called the Mystery Shack.

    The Pines twins are forced to help Stan around the shack, thinking that it's going to be a boring summer. Until Dipper discovers a journal that holds the greatest secrets of Gravity Falls.

    Gravity Falls is like no other Disney show out there. There's so much supense, drama, and a great sense of mystery in the plot that it's a pretty dark show.

    The characters are extremely likable. Dipper's pretty much your average 12 year old boy with an amazing IQ, and his sister Mabel has an adorably upbeat, bubbly personality. I hardly ever found her annoying. The other casts like Soos and Wendy are extremely chill and amazing at the same time.

    The art direction of the show is slightly similar to Regular Show: simple, clean, and well-made.

    Overall Review: If you like shows that are full of mystery and suspense, then Gravity Falls is for you.
  • All-Time Favorite

    Amazing show, literally no flaws I can think of, it's already an all-time great for me
  • Second Greatest Cartoon Ever

    This show is nearly flawless. The voice acting is amazing, the characters are remarkable and the plot is among the most intriguing I've seen. I believe it deserves a 10/10, or at least rounds up to that rating.
  • gay falls

    you guys are real dumbasses this show isn't as smart or good as the awesomeness of breadwinners it isn't christian friendly either and has no morals like family guy does

    Just watch it. You'll see.
  • watch it!

    sadly i am a cartoon geek and i love this show !
  • The best Cartoon on Disney since Recess!

    I ain't gonna go through the whole plot! Just watch the show! If you like gnomes that barf rainbows and Crazy mysteries that create epic cliffhangers and plot twisters! This is the show for you! It is very similar to Adventure Time with it's cross of humor and darkness! I just wish it would get more credit and be a more popular series! To sum it up : Episode plots: 10

    Voice acting: 8

    Characters: Good but Mabel can be annoying! So 9!

    The reason I don't rate it a ten is because of the fan base! People need to tell their friends about this show because it is easily one the best cartoons in the last ten years!
  • The best of Disney

    Gravity falls reminds me of those mystery series like scooby doo, but much funnier. It's one of the best series of Disney Channel and the funniest. The fact that the protagonists are twins: spectacular. The only thing bad about the series is that it is transmitted in one of the most evil companies. If it belonged to any other network, I would've given it a 10. I seriously would.

    2015 update: At this point, most of the mysteries regarding the show have been revealed. This show just went through too fast. It shows how great something is when filler is an undocumented word regarding it. However, just like a star in its Red Giant phase, while incredible, soon it will go out. This show just isn't sustainable.
  • full of comedy, mystery and feels

    at first I thought the show was ok. BUT the more I watched though that changed. The show is brilliantly written. knows when it's appropriate to be funny and knows when to let a scene sink in. The characters are well written the setting is great the story is great. There's so much mystery to this show that keeps you guessing even when mysteries are solved new ones are put in it's place. Possibly one of the best shows on TV in a long time. Highly recommended
  • How curious.....

    How very curious indeed. This is one of those rare television shows that take a cute idea and give it a real depth. It even mixes in a complicated plot that takes into consideration past, present, and future scenes and makes them all accountable for what is happening. In my opinion, this show has a long way to go before it hits its peak and starts to decline. Till then, im going to enjoy and rock this show and its fandom.