Gravity Falls

Season 1 Episode 15

The Deep End

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Mar 15, 2013 on Disney XD
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When Mabel befriends a cute merman trapped in the public pool, she's determined to help him out.

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  • Wild Waves

    This is another strong episode from the show, once again it centers around Mabel. There are just so many things I really like about this episode, for one thing the plot which it's true it's abserd cmon a Merman in a Public Pool, but that's part of what makes it great, let alone the story of how the Merman Mermando got into the Public Pool is hillarous.

    However the true strength in this episode is for once Mabel has a significant other to interact with. It's true it's one of those whirwind romances, but this is done right I like the back and forth between them, it's funny and strangely touching. Mermando is soild, he's got charisma but he's also a character of sympathy.

    I really loved that subplot with both Wendy and Dipper, what make it even better is Robbie is nowhere around (can we please keep it that way). As usual both play off of each other well, both are having fun at the pool by bending rules at the pool. I always love seeing Dipper doing things like that just goes to show Dipper isn't a straight arrow and a rebel in his own way. It also justifies how both Wendy and Dipper are the same in more ways than one. My favorate moment with the two was when they play a harmless prank on Zoos by making him believe the duck floaties are alive.

    The new character Mr. Poolcheck is fraking hillarous, he's like a character from the cartoon "Ren and Stimpy". This guy is a tough as nails boss but he's completely crazy. He just has some really hillarous verbal and physical humor. My favorate moment is when he takes Dipper's Whissle and then eats and swallows it, I'm not kidding.

    That chase scene at the end was funny and fun, what I like about it was it's non cleche nature. Instead of the standard cars it's golf carts, makes sense both don't have drivers licenses. And instead of shooting a gun at the perp while driving, Dipper throws water baloons which do little to no good. I really love what Mabel says as defiance toward Dipper which I thought was hillarous and my favorate quote. What happens after the scene is fraking hillarous as Dipper is forced to give reverse CPR to Mermando and after intervals he says another favorate quote each time "I hate (to make it easy Dipper could picture him as Wendy, on second thought naw it wouldn't). But it was even more hillarous when after the reverse CPR, Mermando states the needlessness of the action as we see the lake was only two feet away. At least on the bright side, by saving Mermando's life Dipper shows he a true life guard.

    The final interaction with Mabel and Mermando is a little sad but like all Whirlwind romances they soon come to an end. She receives her first kiss which was sweet, don't worry Dipper you time will come soon (no people CPR doesn't count). Dipper of course loses his job but so does Wendy and they both go off to have fun together so he has a good ending.

    Personally I'm hoping Mabel will have another significant other somewhere along the line and I'd want him to be a keeper. It would probably be another out of the ordinary guy, may'be a Ninja or an Alien, I don't know but don't keep us waiting. As for Dipper and Wendy it would be awesome if there were episodes on just these two going on adventures, let alone hook up and soon (it's legal they can, and for the last time 3 YEARS APART not really a . Be honest with yourselves do you honestly want to see Wendy with Robbie anymore, heck fraking no.

    Mabel's had her first romance and I'm sure it won't be her last.moreless
  • Personally, I thought it was excellent

    During a hot day in Gravity Falls, Mabel meets a Spanish merman in the deep end of the pool (ironically named Mermando) and tries to pursue a relationship with him. Meanwhile, Dipper gets a job as an assistant lifeguard (next to Wendy, of course), but is constantly under suspicion of his boss for goofing off.

    PROS: I laughed SO much during this episode, I swear. I can't remember all of the jokes in particular, but I thought that Dipper questioning the logic of suns wearing sunglasses was hilarious, and so was when Dipper was guarding all of the pool supplies and Soos climbs the fence behind him, and Dipper's just like "go home Soos". The jokes, although hit or miss, were really on spot and the majority of them were hit. The plot was pretty interesting as well, and it's nice to see some old faces (the Sheriff and the Deputy and Gideon, for example).

    CONS: Like I said above, there were some jokes that just didn't work too well, and I thought that some gags went on for a little too long. But just that in itself is a nitpick.

    I loved this episode. Definitely recommend it!moreless
Keith Ferguson

Keith Ferguson

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Kevin Michael Richardson

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Thurop Van Orman

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