Gravity Falls

Season 1 Episode 5

The Inconveniencing

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Jul 13, 2012 on Disney XD

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  • Dipper and Mabel tag along with Wendy and her friends to this condemned convenience store.

    What can I say? I just loved this episode and it's my top 5 GF episodes (so far and in the first season overall). The plot is so interesting but creepy at the same time. It's a better plot than the previous episode. What's great is that this is the first episode where Wendy has a major role while Stan and Soos only has a minor role (even when they're not important, they still crack me up). Also, the episode debuted Wendy's friends, including Robbie. Unlike most of his appearances, Robbie was very tolerable and not much of a big jerk towards Dipper. Does this another serious sounding plot still made me laugh? Yes. Wendy hitting a car, Mabel teasing Dipper about Wendy, then Dipper is laying at night about thinking about her, Dipper flipping Mabel's hair, Stan is stuck watching a romance, anytime Mabel is drunk of Smile Dip, Stan liking the romance, Dipper dancing in a lamb, and Stan throwing the TV are all hilarious moments in this episode. Creepy moments were the teens (and Dipper) reflecting skulls, Mabel under the influence of sugar and seriously, most of act three. Act 3 barely had comedy expect for a couple scenes (credit scene included) and it was outright dark most of the time. All in all, this is one of the best GF episodes I've seen, but it's not the real best GF episode.

    Score: 10/10
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