Gravity Falls

Season 1 Episode 1

Tourist Trapped

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Jun 15, 2012 on Disney XD
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When Dipper and Mabel go to spend their summer with their Great Uncle Stan, Dipper comes across a journal telling about the mysteries of Gravity Falls and suspects that Mabel's new boyfriend is a zombie.

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  • I love gravity falls

    I love it I've seen some episodes before but I wanted to watch them again from the start
  • Awesome start

    This was the first episode of my favorite DC show Gravity Falls. The start of an awesome cartoon. It is a lot better and interesting than Phineas and Ferb because let's be honest, the writers on Phineas and Ferb had no longer stay fresh since the third season and even though the fourth season had been a stepup, the show still needs to go. Once it go, this show might a chance to be the number 1 Disney Channel cartoon. So far, there hadn't a bad episode at all. Let's hope the second and the possible future seasons (if any) stays like that. It's definitely in my top 10 current cartoons. Anyway, the first episode may have a serious sounding plot, but I'm not fooled of that since the episode was pretty hilarious as well. Dramedy is actually better handled than it is in Regular Show and Adventure Time (there's usually almost no humor in serious RS/AT episode). For a pilot themed episode like this, the story for the episode is unusually perfect. The episode is full of laugh out loud moments. Those funny moments in the first episode were Stan scaring Dipper with a mask, flashback of Mabel flirting with various guys, Dipper yelling zombie and Stan overhears thinking someone said "crombie," Stan coming in when Mabel say she won't be surprised if the man of her dream walk in the door and says "oh, why?", the reef blower sucking in Mabel's mouth (LOL funny), rock that looks like a face, a gnome puking rainbow (including the one in the credits, Mabel tricking the gnomes into marrying her and sucking them with a leaf blower, and Mabel using the grappling hook. Mabel and Dipper running away from the gnomes and Mabel throwing the gnomes away were very awesome scenes. Norman turning out to be gnomes was the most creepiest scene in the episode. The animation in the episode is awesome. My nitpick (I won't be taking off points considering how witty this episode was) was when Mabel not believing that Norman is a zombie and not listening to Dipper. Overall, this was an excellent start to my favorite Disney cartoon.

    Score: 10/10moreless
  • First Step in Mystery Town

    This is one of those rare pilot episodes that are actually good and supprisingly hold up. It's kinda a straight forward adventure, but what makes it great is the mystery it hooks us with.

    One of my favorate moments was Dipper finding the book which of course is the Maguffin device of the show. I'll admit this really got a lot of the questions forming in my head. One of them was "How old the book was?" this is just a theory but judging from the age of the control panel Dipper found it seems to be around late 40s and early 50s. This I find ironic since that's close to the time of the Roswell insident. It also made me wonder if this book was hidden by the Goverment or may'be even . agents; and if that were true why would they hide it? I don't know we'll have to wait and see. On another note the book could also be a bit of an homage joke to the Necronomican from the "Evil Dead" franchise.

    I like how in this episode there aren't just clever suttle verbal jokes but also visual jokes that it may take more than one watch to uncover. One of my favorate jokes was when Mabel says something on spilling the beans, I won't say too much more but I couldn't help but crack up because it was both visual and verbal humor at once. Even love the reference jokes, like Mabel constantly hoping her date is a vampire, obviously the "Twilight" series. As well as the Grabling Hook gun which is both part of her trademark (and personally hoping there will be episodes where she uses but also an homage to the item from the "Zelda" games.

    I really loved that twist near the end, which I kinda saw coming due to how it was suttlely hinted at but didn't. We see the zombie is actually a group of Knomes, this twist I was both supprised and couldn't help but laugh at the same time, because of how dafter the sittuation has became; as well as demonstrated that not everything is as it seems in the town. The Knomes also could be another reference joke to the "Evil Dead" films because in "Army of Darkness" there were the tiny evil little versions of Ash attacking him.

    Anyway, the final conflict was daft, fun and funny, Dipper and Mabel were just beating the crap out of the Knomes punching, throwing, banging them on the wheel of the Kart, even kicked one where the Knome barfed out a rainbow (not kidding); it's crazy let alone not very hard after all their Knomes. Through this I feel it also teached Dipper a couple of lessons on not being afraid to give his trust to the right people, but also why he need a number two person in his quest for truth. Indeed Dipper needs someone to watch his back, if Mabel wasn't there then he probably wouldn't of survived the sittuation at hand; as a saying goes two heads are better than one.

    And I like how in the end there were two more hooks of mystery. One was a suttle detail when Dipper writes in the journal, it might not mean anything but it made me wonder if this was a book passed on thoughout the generations. But the really big thing was when we see Gruncle Stan open up a passage way to a secret room. This made me wonder, is Stan a former goverment or . agent, did he use to write and possess the book, if he didn't then does he know who did, let alone whats in that secret room?

    Indeed Gravity Falls is not what it seems, you can't trust anyone or anything.moreless
  • A well-written introduction

    I decided to watch this about 7 weeks ago because my friends were saying that it was great.

    Thank GOD I listened to them.

    In the first couple minutes of watching this, I thought it would be a rip-off of Regular Show, because, well.. two characters riding in a golf cart away from a monster? Yeah, that's about what happens in every episode of Regular Show. But I soon realized that there are some major differences.

    I liked how Dipper was narrating the episode. It gives the viewer a great understanding of the circumstances behind why they're in Gravity Falls and who they are. It was fairly obvious that Norman wasn't a zombie, but it did catch me off-guard when he turned out being a bunch of gnomes.

    The fact that this episode actually made me laugh out loud, MULTIPLE times, made me want to continue watching the show.

    On a down note, some of the jokes felt dumb. Like "that says BEWARB", and "Did somebody say 'crombie'?". I didn't find them funny at all. And I wasn't crazy about the "Sas-crotch" thing going on. THIS ISN'T A CARTOON NETWORK SHOW. DON'T MAKE JOKES LIKE A CARTOON NETWORK SHOW.

    But overall, a great episode that leaves the viewer wanting more.moreless
  • Really cute!!!!

    This was a really cute pilot episode explaining all the characters, It was really funny when the gnomes were puking up rainbows and mabel shotting jeff in the woods with the reef blower and her kissing fail. XD I love this show!!!! Gravity Falls rocks!!!! I also liked at the end when Dipper and Mabel hugged, they have a good sibling relationship, unlike other siblings in some shows always fight. Overall.... I really like it!!!!moreless
Alex Hirsch

Alex Hirsch

Grunkle Stan, Soos, additional voices

Kristen Schaal

Kristen Schaal

Mabel Pines

Jason Ritter

Jason Ritter

Dipper Pines

Linda Cardellini

Linda Cardellini

Wendy Corduroy

Keith Ferguson

Keith Ferguson

additional voices

Kimberly Mooney

Kimberly Mooney

additional voices

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In the show's opening credits, the show's title card, designed to look like a used postcard, contains a stamp and postmark. Appearing on the stamp is the profile of Ian Worrel, the Art Director for Gravity Falls and former Cal Arts room-mate and longtime friend of Alex Hirsch, the show's creator.

    • The secret message at the end of the credits is: WELCOME TO GRAVITY FALLS.

  • QUOTES (2)

  • NOTES (1)

    • Crew Additions and Clarifications: Bill Flores (Location Design), Sean Jimenez (Location Design), Jeffrey Purves (Location Design)
      Joe Pitt (Character Design), Kristen Campbell (Character Design), Andre Medina (Character Design)
      Elle Michalka (Background Paint), Josh Parpan (Background Paint)
      Robert Lacko (Character Cleanup)
      James Suhr (Storyboard Revisions), Suzanne Hirota Burks (Storyboard Revisions), Celia Kendrick (Storyboard Revisions), Blake Lemons (Storyboard Revisions)
      Louis Jhocson (Continuity Coordinator)
      Brad Breeck (Main Title & Episodic Music Written and Produced by)
      Kevin Locarro (Animatic Editor), Andrew Sorcini (Animatic Editor)
      Andrew Sorcini (Assistant Film Editor), Timothy M. Snell (Assistant Film Editor)
      Jessie Slipchinsky (Digital Coordinator)
      Bobby Garza (Dialogue Engineer)
      Robert Pratt (Digital Audio Transfer)
      Sarah Wintucky (Production Control)


    • Bat Boy

      Near the end of the opening credits, a picture of a bald, screaming vampire-like creature is shown. This is a reference to "Bat Boy", a mysterious creature made famous by the defunct tabloid Weekly World News.

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