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  • Season 1
    • 6/25/10
      In this episode, sadly the season finale, we are left on a major cliffhanger.
    • Calemnity
      Episode 9
      Despite the fact that everything is seemingly piled up against them being together, Robert and Lily finally and unexpected find themselves in a committed relationship. Meanwhile, Carla decides to mark the two-year anniversary of her suicide attempt by spending some extra time with her husband and their group of friends.
    • Damn Skippy
      Episode 8

      Police Detective Miller tries to improve his strained relationship with suicide survivor Robert, but fails. Miller tries to get help (and a date) from Lily, who is attracted to both Miller and Robert. Robert takes Lily home to meet his mother, who is very happy to see him dating again.

    • Let It Mellow
      Episode 7

      In Let It Mellow, Robert decides to take his relationship with Lily a little further and takes her on a romantic picnic lunch in Central Park. However, everything starts to unravel when it begins to rain. As they dash for cover, they don't notice that Miller is watching them the whole time.

    • 5/28/10
      In this episode of Gravity, the leader of the group, Dogg, chooses to stop taking his medications. This decision presents a challenge for him when the rest of the group plays in a recovery league softball tournament. Lily also takes Robert to a funeral, which causes Robert to question Lily's emotional health. Miller visits a doctor when he thinks he may have a serious medical condition.moreless
    • 5/21/10

      This darkly funny episode explores the deepening relationships between members of a suicide support group. Robert (Ivan Sergei) still struggles with his wife's death while also realizing he is drawn to another member of the group, Lily (former model Krysten Ritter). The youngest member of the group (Seth Numrich) begins to have feelings for the aging supermodel in the group (Rachel Hunter.) Ving Rhames, as the group leader, struggles to keep the group focused on recovery.

    • 5/14/10
      The beginnings of a strange friendship form between Robert and Miller when they try to find Lilly when she doesn't show up for a support group meeting. After deciding that the group needs to give back to the community, Dogg arranges for them to help out at a senior citizens center.moreless
    • 5/7/10

      Lily and Robert met in a support group for people who have attempted suicide. They grow closer to each other, both in group sessions and in a romantic sense in a series of small encounters. Lily takes major steps towards starting a vintage clothing store, her dream job. Jorge, a member of the group who is very easily embarrassed, tries to do a comedy routine. It does not go well.

    • Namaste MF
      Episode 2

      After the tragic loss of a member of their group, the friends struggle to cope. The trying events inspire Carla to make some major changes to her otherwise average domestic life. Lily, as well, finds herself driven to take drastic steps in order to change the current structure of her life.

    • Suicide Dummies
      Episode 1
      This episode introduces us to Robert and Lily, two star-crossed lovers from very different worlds who would probably never meet under normal circumstances, are thrust into a support group for survivors of suicide attempts which soon changes their lives forever.