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  • I have to admit that I was a bit puzzled by this show at first but I now really enjoy the quirkiness of it.

    I have to admit that I was a bit puzzled by this show at first but I now really enjoy the quirkiness of it. The Characters I find to be very compelling and whilst suicide is not really a funny subject the writers manage to find humour in the characters, their flaws and their relationships. You would think it would be depressing to watch but it isn't. The show gets a thumbs up from me. Hopefully this show will go beyond one season and further enlighten us to the darkness that has engulfed the various characters lives as they recover from this traumatic event.

    It is not comfortable to watch at times but I do find it very compelling.
  • Really? Even in good times when hard drama is more popular this would flop.

    What a horrible show. Times are tough enough without watching other people's pain. But even in good times when hard drama is more popular this would flop. Look, it's not drama if you do it to yourself. It's just stupidity. So I hate these characters before I even meet them! Don't get me wrong. I applaud those who take their lives into their own hands and get over their addictions. I'm proud of them for doing that. But I'm still not sorry for them for becoming an addict in the first place. They did that to themselves just as they eventually pulled themselves out. So if an ex-addict wants praise for quitting, fine. But they've also got to accept our contempt for becoming addicted in the first place. So no, I can't feel connected to these screwed up characters.
  • Absolutelly terrible, bad acting bad effects bad storyline and bad characters...also unsure as to what the series was actually about

    Ok, i heard about this series a while ago and wasn't sure what it was about but after watching it i'm still unsure as to what's going on, or what the general premise of the series is. When it started the camera work looked like it was done by students, and *spoilers* when the car plunged into the pool, i think that was one of the worst uses of special effects i have ever seen!! The acting from the support cast (the gay men on the boat) was appauling and totally unconvincing. As for the two main characters, there seemed to be no chemestry at all. When they briefly hooked up it seemed far too forced.

    I honestly wouldn't reccomend this series to anyone. How ths can be made into a series and other pilots such as Aquaman and such get dropped i really don't know what the world is coming to!
  • A group of post suicidal people in NYC get together for a support group. Part dark drama part comedy, very character driven.

    I watched the first two episodes pre-air. A friend of mine is actually involved in the production of this show. I am walking a fine line by being critical here...I am not going to say I loved it. I will say I liked it, and I liked the second of the two better. I am guessing that as we get to know the characters better as the show progresses, it will be more engaging. There were a couple holes in the plot, but I am hoping that those are just things for us to wonder about, so they can reference them later.
    Notable in the cast are Kristen Ritter, Ivan Sergei and also co creator/producer/actor Eric Schaffer.
    Ritter is so pretty, she commands attention. She is wacky and has great range. Sergei, who hasn't changed since Jack and Jill (which I loved) is a very handsome man. He seems a little muddled, but then again, he just tried to off himself and recently lost his wife. So, we'll see how this ramps up. I am paying attention.
    I'm not really sure how Eric Schaffer's cop character is involved, or why he is so curious. I mean, these attempted suicides are already done and over with. Where's the crime in thwarted suicide? He is a fun actor to watch, regardless of how his character fits in.
    I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt and hoping that it keeps improving with each show, which so far it seems to be doing.
    We shall see.
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