Grease: You're the One that I Want

NBC (ended 2007)


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Grease: You're the One that I Want

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This new reality series from NBC is hosted by Billy Bush and Denise Van Outen, and judged by David Ian, Jim Jacobs, and Kathleen Marshall. Some of the most powerful music producers in Hollywood are conducting a search for the male and female leads in an upcoming live stage production of Grease: The Musical. This show follows the contestants as they sing and dance in an attempt to become the next Sandy Dumbrowski and Danny Zuko.

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    • Thank you for the memory.

      "Grease: You're the One I Want" was a show that was actually enjoyable. It took me back to the day of when I first watched "Grease" so how could I not love the show at first. What happens is week after week reality kicks in and the love is goooone. I kept watching to see who would win but that was all I could take. That particular type of reality series of the same thing over and over and over and over and over; see what I mean, gets very old quick. I am glad that the show is not being renewed. Leave it at one season and leave the fans with a good memory of the show. Thank You.moreless
    • Max and Laura!!

      I've watched other reality shows before, but I've never gotten as invloued as I did with this one. I made sure that every week I was voting. Who for you ask?.... Max and Laura of course!! I'm so happy that finally the right person who deserved to win won! I really like Allie too but Laura was just as good. I just wish I could go to NY to see them perform! Anyway, I'm just happy that they won! I pray for the best in all they do! I know God has great plans for both their lives!!! Congrats Max and Laura!!moreless
    • Grease: You're the one that I Want was an original idea for aspiring Broadway bound singers. It is kind of like American Idol for the Broadway bound except only actually talented people moved on to the final group.moreless

      I absolutely loved this show. I have been a faithful watcher of American Idol for years, but this by far entertained me more. I enjoy musicals and the people involved in this show ALL had talent. I am hopeful that NBC will do the same thing again with another musical and hopefully in the future, Grease again as well. I know that it would be more difficult to find a musical that all of America would know and love, but I do feel it is worth a try for NBC. Every single person who made it through deserved to be there. They all had incredible voices and were enjoyable to watch. In my opinion, NBC should somehow find a way to air the final product for the viewers to see how their picks did. I can say that my vote was not for Laura. It's not that she wasn't excellent, it's just that Ashley connected with both the guys. I did not feel that with seemed kind fake no matter which guy she sang/acted with. Max and Austin both did a great job. Either one of them made me happy! One thing I can say is that in the finale, when they had the rest of the Broadway cast come out on stage, I was kind of surprised by the other cast member choices. I wish they could have used some of the axed contestants for other roles in the musical because some of the contestants would have been wonderful playing in one of the other parts. The cast that came out in the finale kind of looked odd to me. Times do change, but it would be nice to have somewhat of the same idea for the characters today as they did back then. Well, I want more of this type of show. I do hope they bring it back!moreless
    • GREASE - Youre NOT the One that I Want!

      Rip off of American Idiot (er, I mean Idol) lame talent show based on a decent movie. Give it the axe!

      Enough of this low budget brain dead TV. Then again I do watch less TV because there are so many shows like this on the air. Im suprised Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul are not in charge of the judging. (or are they?)

      Whats next? A TV Show to select members for a Broadway show based on Star Wars or Star Trek? Ugh.... This must be a record year for failed shows - the dead TV show cemetery must be bulging at the seams by now. LOL!moreless
    • This show makes me dizzy because the camera swings all over the place during a performance. On a scale of 1 to 1000 I rate this show 0000.0%.

      Every single performance makes my want to vomit. And I also get lightheaded every single time I watch an episode of this show. I hope they never run a single episode of this show again!!. I'm glad Max the contestant won the spot to be on Broadway as Danny but I forgot who got the part on Broadway for Sandy.

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