Grease: You're the One that I Want

Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 104

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 28, 2007 on NBC

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  • It's getting tedious

    I watched the episode last night which was apparently a rerun, but it looked like it was going into another hour. The first hour only covered about four performances, and I couldn't sit through another hour.

    I like that Derek and Austin came out first. I think the producers prudently suspected the audience wouldn't be hanging around for two hours and had the best come up first. I like the second girl's voice, very pretty, she has a better voice than Catherine McPhee! The first girl, the youngest (19-year-old) doesn't look good for the part at all. Too coldly ambitious.

    There was another guy that the judges are raving who had the best voice among the males. I don't see (hear) it. He's the one who least looks the part. I thought the guy he competed with (came on before him) demonstrated more range and better voice. However I didn't care for the Elvis Presley moves (of the competing guy--from what I recall--I may have the wrong guy here) and neither of them had an interesting act.

    Anyway, the performances are getting tedious because they don't do anything that's really showstopping. There's no choreography to speak of--just hanging off the railing and singing. If this is to be distinguished from American Idol in which contestents just sing, there should be more eye-popping performances with the dancing. In theory, that would be hard to do for twelve contestents every week (I know they get whittled down, but still).

    After watching it for a while, I've concluded this was a lousy idea because it's too much work to do right. And it does wear down an audience. Also, one does not get as personally involved with the contestents as one does on American Idol. Most of them are still a bunch of nameless faces.

    And big surprise that they brought the emotional waitress back. It seems rather coldly caculated, because they gave her so much facetime in the beginning, only to kick her out prematurely, only to choose to bring her back. Yeah, big surprise.
  • "Grease" - You're the One That We All Want" Great reality show - FINALLY!

    "Painful to Watch" just needs to turn the channel. The "Grease" episode was great! Now everyone sees what it takes to be a Broadway star! You have to be able to do more than sing! All the critics are clueless as to how much publicity this show is giving to "Broadway". The ticket sales are tremendous! If you are a real Broadway Actor you should all be applauding this show and not criticizing it. The criticism is probably from people who were cut from the show or are always being turned down for the roles on Broadway. Thanks NBC for giving us a great reality show - FINALLY! Can't wait till the next one - Feb. 11. The finalists are truly all talented performers. Good luck to all of you!
  • literally. painful to watch.

    okay, so i was skeptical about the whole idea of this show in the first place. how were they going to get people who could dance, sing, and act? i wasnt so sure it was going to happen. and you know what? it didnt. this episode was horrible. i thought that the singing was mediocre, the "dancing" they were supposed to do while they were songing was horrible, too.

    the judges had very little useful constructive criticism. and olivia newton john didt do anything. she just sat there, and made very few useful comments.

    this episode was the fin de siecle for me. i will not be wasting my time by watching this show anymore.