Grease: You're the One that I Want

Season 1 Episode 6

Episode 106

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 2007 on NBC

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  • Well, I've found my pick for Sandy.

    It's going to be good to see Derek and Ashley S. be the winning couple. Kate has the best voice of the girls, but Ashley is the best free-style dancer. That girl's got some rhythm that's a joy to watch. She also effectively hammed up her acting in the dance number.

    I thought they should have selected the other couple to kick out instead of the ones who were voted bottom. The losing guy especially had a voice orders of magnitude better than his rival. The problem is he lacks charisma and star quality. I also thought the losing girl was better than her competition.

    Austin was probably the best actor of the males. And Max has got to go! He is overhyped, especially for a guy who doesn't even look the part.

    And that one girl who was in the bottom two two weeks ago is no better today. She looked very awkward in her dance number. The people had it right the first time to put her in the bottom two. Now off with her!
  • Cop Out Again

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Start with the Good:

    I thought the duets were very good at the beginning, and then got worse until the last pair was almost unbearable (the pair that barely got through the last round). Of the Dannys, I think Austin is the best all around and most talented, but Derek's just got the looks, and a nice strong voice but somewhat pitchy and uncontrolled at times. The Sandys are harder for me, as I like Allie, Laura, and Ashley. Kate's got a powerful voice, but something about her just doesn't click for me.

    And the Bad:

    Once again, a cop out. America and the voters do not decide who goes out. They decide who's in the bottom two, and then the judges decide who gets eliminated. This will probably continue until probably two (maybe three) Dannys and Sandys are left. The judges want to make sure that the last two pairs standing are all satisfactory/acceptable to them before voters ultimately decide the winners. Boo!! Also, will they ever tell how many total votes there were? Was it 1000 or 100,000? I may have missed them mentioning it, or they could be too embarrassed to reveal.

    And the Ugly:

    Okay, I don't get how the duets were arranged. The contestants had the whole week to practice with the partner, so that means that the partners were chosen basically after last week's performance, and probably right after the votes were collected. did it conveniently happen that the two that got bumped this week were paired together?? I think the judges already decided last week who was going to get bumped, and this week's "sing-off" was irrelevant. Out of the two bottom Dannys and Sandys, if Danny #1 got bumped out, I'm pretty sure that Sandy #1 knew she was bumped too. Did they pair up all Dannys and Sandys based on number of votes? That sounds unfair - they should do it more randomly.

    In Summary:

    I like the show and most of the performances so far, but there's really something fishy going on with the elimination process and I don't think voters will count for much of anything until the final two pairs are left (finale).