Grease: You're the One that I Want

Season 1 Episode 9

Episode 109

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 11, 2007 on NBC

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  • Chad goes home. Max and Laura rock!

    This episode held a big surprise for me! I really thought that the bottom two Dannys in the sing off this week would be Austin and Derek, but instead it was Austin and Chad! I really thought Chad would be one of the last two Dannys (along with Max) so I was really surprised to see him go home this week.

    As far as the girls go: when can we finally say goodbye to Allie? Am I the only one who finds her phony and annoying? I'm keeping my fingers crossed to hear her sing "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee" this week!
  • I see the judges are still pretending it's a contest

    All the attention paid to Max is for nothing. Who buys that guy playing the Danny lead? Derek is the closest to perfect you're ever going to find even if you had a nationwide search! (They should be grateful they got him.) So when the judges gave their pair picks at the end of the show, they were being patronizing and "throwing a bone" to people who would never get the leads.

    I knew Chad would be leaving this week, but was surprised Austin came in last. I guess America is saying "Austin, you don't look the part! You knew that going in!" However, the judges called it right when they said Austin was the better singer, actor, and dancer in deciding to save him and let Chad go.

    I'd say it's going to be good bye to Allie next week. America has had enough of her, and it's time to get down to the real business of who Sandy is going to be. Unfortunately, Ashly S.'s performance was rather comatose, making Laura the clearout winner of today's competition. And no matter how much Allie put herself into it, she actually looked out of her element this time around.

    For the next guy-go-round, it'll probably be Austin and Max for the bottom two. Will the judges save Austin once again, or will they give in to majority rule (prob. Max)? I suspect they'll let the majority have it. Enjoy the next two weeks, Austin. Your days are numbered.
  • Okay

    Well, I missed the last few episodes, but tonight I felt the show was good. Probably the best thing is that the cop out ends this week - no more sing off!

    Sing-off: Austin vs. Chad - I've always thought (and still do think) that Austin is the most talented of all the Dannys, as well as the most experienced and professional. Chad has the looks, but his voice doesn't project, which was obvious during the sing-off when singing side by side to Austin.

    Sandys: My prediction of the best three Sandys from an earlier post was correct. From tonight's performance, Allie should go. Ashley and Laura were both fine. I like Laura more and more everytime I see her because she just lets it all out! Ashley has a very nice voice and the original Sandy look. I'll have to see more to decide which one I would choose.

    Dannys: Austin is the most talented, but doesn't have the original Danny look. Also, I'm not sure I like his personality - there's a sense of snugness, among other things. Max is a very good singer and lets out his expression fine. But I can't look at his face and say, "This is Danny, the leader of the T-Birds!". His looks are better suited for one of the other T-Birds. Derek's got the looks. His singing is just okay to me, but might be enough to win it.

    Overall, I feel the Sandys are fine with Ashley and Laura. I feel less impressed with the choices for Danny. Then again, comparing Olivia Newton-John to John Travolta - well, there's no comparison (ouch!).
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