Grease: You're the One that I Want

Season 1 Episode 10

Episode 110

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 18, 2007 on NBC

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  • Oh-my-God. They let Derrik go.

    They let Derrik go! What a shocker. What is America thinking? I think the judges were grimacing because no matter what praise they were lading on the others previously, Derrik was the prize they were counting on. Is Max going to bring the tickets in?

    Derrik got the last laugh. It was very fortunate he got off and I was going to bring this up after the winner was announced, but might as well say it now. The winner will be commited to umpteen broadway shows of Grease, while the losers who have had a lot of tv exposure because of this show will be free to accept any television and/or movies offers. Derrik especially is likely to captalize because of his movie star looks. I mean who cares about a dopey play? TV is so much better and you don't have to do 100 repetitious plays. And besides, the contestents are very familiar to the public now which makes their worth as good as veteran stars. (I'd think so if I were a producer.)

    At this point, I don't really care about the outcome. Derrik carried the show. This is going to be the play's loss in more ways than one (and the judges know it). I don't think the judges were counting on this at all! Serves them right for never having anything nice to say to Derrik.
  • After Derek Keeling and Allie Schulz are eliminated, Laura Osnes, Ashley Spencer, Austin Miller, and Max Crumm compete in the finals in hopesof becoming the next Sandy and Danny on Broadway.

    Talent is recognized! The judges all agreed that Laura Osnes and Max Crumm are the best, and they're right! Laura is amazing! Ashley is good, but a little too squeaky. And she's nowhere near as good as Laura. Austin may be able to sing and dance, but he isn't a good Danny. He looks like a male model, and Danny cannot look like a male model. Also, he doesn't get into character well. Austin needs to go back to soap operas where he belongs. Now it's up to America. I've done my part (200 votes per phone, 10 votes per e-mail address). Let's hope America listens to the judges and make the right choice for the next Danny and Sandy.
  • Enjoyable

    This was the best episode! The most annoying thing was that guy host, who must have been taking lessons from Ryan Seacrest during the elimination portion at the beginning.

    Allie got eliminated, which I agree with. As far as the guys, I didn't make a prediction last week. Derek got eliminated, and Austin got the highest vote? Apparently, although the difference between Austin and Max was very small (~1%).

    As far as the girls, Laura and Ashley were both very good and close. Laura has grown more throughout the contest. Either would be fine for me, almost a coin flip but I would choose Laura - I like her more. It was funny to see her back off a little on Max's kiss, but hey, she's engaged! ...and she'll learn.

    Now the boys, hmmmm....I still like the girls more than the guys! Max IS more high-school looking. Both their background stories made them more personable, which was somewhat lacking in Austin. But then again Max seems more open and friendly, and Max also has grown more throughout the contest. I think Max will win.

    Overall, very nice episode and any two of the four remaining would make a worthy Danny and Sandy.
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