A gift for Max and Laura

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    Here's my plan. I want to get everyone together to make a book to
    mail to Max and Laura at the theatre. It will be compiled of pages by us
    to wish them a good run with their show.

    1. The page must be able to print out on an 8.5" x 11" sheet either
    portrait or landscape.
    2. .pdf format is preferred (use http://pdfonline.com). I will also
    accept .doc, .bmp, and .jpg.
    3. You may include your nbc.com username.
    4. You may include your name, address (in hopes of receiving a letter back), city, state, and age. Please no phone numbers.
    5. Please feel free to make a page for Max and Laura together. If you
    choose to make individual ones, please make one for each of them.
    6. You are welcome to make pages for any of the other cast members as
    7. NO VULGAR LANGUAGE OR IMAGES! I hold the right to not send your
    page if I find it inappropriate.
    8. Feel free to include pictures. The possibilities are endless. You
    can type letters or make a flyer type piece. Everything is accepted
    from simple notes to amazing Photoshop masterpieces.
    9. Please e-mail pages to me at greasegift@yahoo.com by July 1st.

    I will print the pages and mail a binder full of them to the theatre
    shortly before the first preview. This is just to let them know we are
    very proud and love them. Whether you are going to see the show or not,
    whether you are a fan of the winners or not, whether you love the show
    or not, I encourage you to take part in this project to make the Grease
    round 3 debut AMAZING!

    Feel free to ask me any questions at greasegift@yahoo.com and HAVE FUN!

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