Grease: You're the One that I Want

NBC (ended 2007)


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  • Thank you for the memory.

    "Grease: You're the One I Want" was a show that was actually enjoyable. It took me back to the day of when I first watched "Grease" so how could I not love the show at first. What happens is week after week reality kicks in and the love is goooone. I kept watching to see who would win but that was all I could take. That particular type of reality series of the same thing over and over and over and over and over; see what I mean, gets very old quick. I am glad that the show is not being renewed. Leave it at one season and leave the fans with a good memory of the show. Thank You.
  • Max and Laura!!

    I've watched other reality shows before, but I've never gotten as invloued as I did with this one. I made sure that every week I was voting. Who for you ask?.... Max and Laura of course!! I'm so happy that finally the right person who deserved to win won! I really like Allie too but Laura was just as good. I just wish I could go to NY to see them perform! Anyway, I'm just happy that they won! I pray for the best in all they do! I know God has great plans for both their lives!!! Congrats Max and Laura!!
  • Grease: You're the one that I Want was an original idea for aspiring Broadway bound singers. It is kind of like American Idol for the Broadway bound except only actually talented people moved on to the final group.

    I absolutely loved this show. I have been a faithful watcher of American Idol for years, but this by far entertained me more. I enjoy musicals and the people involved in this show ALL had talent. I am hopeful that NBC will do the same thing again with another musical and hopefully in the future, Grease again as well. I know that it would be more difficult to find a musical that all of America would know and love, but I do feel it is worth a try for NBC. Every single person who made it through deserved to be there. They all had incredible voices and were enjoyable to watch. In my opinion, NBC should somehow find a way to air the final product for the viewers to see how their picks did. I can say that my vote was not for Laura. It's not that she wasn't excellent, it's just that Ashley connected with both the guys. I did not feel that with seemed kind fake no matter which guy she sang/acted with. Max and Austin both did a great job. Either one of them made me happy! One thing I can say is that in the finale, when they had the rest of the Broadway cast come out on stage, I was kind of surprised by the other cast member choices. I wish they could have used some of the axed contestants for other roles in the musical because some of the contestants would have been wonderful playing in one of the other parts. The cast that came out in the finale kind of looked odd to me. Times do change, but it would be nice to have somewhat of the same idea for the characters today as they did back then. Well, I want more of this type of show. I do hope they bring it back!
  • GREASE - Youre NOT the One that I Want!

    Rip off of American Idiot (er, I mean Idol) lame talent show based on a decent movie. Give it the axe!

    Enough of this low budget brain dead TV. Then again I do watch less TV because there are so many shows like this on the air. Im suprised Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul are not in charge of the judging. (or are they?)

    Whats next? A TV Show to select members for a Broadway show based on Star Wars or Star Trek? Ugh.... This must be a record year for failed shows - the dead TV show cemetery must be bulging at the seams by now. LOL!
  • This show makes me dizzy because the camera swings all over the place during a performance. On a scale of 1 to 1000 I rate this show 0000.0%.

    Every single performance makes my want to vomit. And I also get lightheaded every single time I watch an episode of this show. I hope they never run a single episode of this show again!!. I'm glad Max the contestant won the spot to be on Broadway as Danny but I forgot who got the part on Broadway for Sandy.
  • MAX!

    Most teens had never seen Grease but since this show started everyone has been acting like it's been their favorite for YEARS! It's kind of funny.

    Anyway about the show: I love the premise of some unknown making it big on Broadway. I have to admit that I forget about it very easily and have missed episodes because of that. But when I do remember it I'm in love! Max Crumm should win. He is 10,000 times better than that other fake pretty boy. You can see him acting. It just doesn't work. But with Max you believe that he is actually in love with the girls during the duets and that he is having so much fun. The other guy is such a cheesy guy. I'll be sick if he wins.
  • Love It, Love It, then Hated IT!!!!

    I am a huge fan of Grease 1 and 2 the movies, especially part 1, because I love John Travolta, so I had high expectations for this show. I love the tryouts and all the drama and ups and downs that comes with trying to get that big break for a major role on broadway, but once the final few were chosen and they started competing in front of the audience, things went downhill quick for me. It became very boring and overly cheesy with a lot of the contestants, and now the show I was anticipating and use to like to watch, I avoid like the plague. I don't think it does justice to the original movies. I don't wanna see, I don't like it, and I gave it a four because I can't bear to give any show anything below a four which seems too cruel for me. I was happy to see that the original creator has an eye on everything, and I wish the broadway play the best success, but its almost painful to watch, but the movies are still some of my favorite musicals ever.
  • An open casting call brings in Sandy and Danny hopefuls from all over America. After the final 14 are chosen, America votes. The bottom two Sandy and Dannys have a singoff to see which Sandy gets to stay and which Danny stays (judges' choice).

    I don't understand why everyone has a problem with this show! So what if it's cheesy and an American Idol copy, it's still fun to watch. You wouldn't be on here if it wasn't. Also, this is the first time America has ever had the chance to vote for the leads in a Broadway show. The only problem I can see is that people won't look past physical qualities like Laura's brown hair and vote for the best person for the role. For Danny, the only choice is Max. Derek isn't strong enough for eight shows a week (a vocal coach can only do so much) and Austin looks like a male model. As for Sandy, Laura is clearly the best. She's a triple threat and she has the innocnet and naive look of "Sandy 1", but she also does a great job as "Sandy 2". Allie appears too old for Sandy, even though she's the youngest in the competition. As for Ashley, she's good, just not as good as Laura.
  • American Idol with a dancing twist.

    Haven't we seen this before when it was American Idol? The only difference is that the contestants must do a dance routine during their performance. America gets to choose who to cast as Danny and Sandy by voting. What about the acting? Even in a musical, there is dialog. I can only assume that the non-actors have been weened out when the judges "save" someone each week. Now, we are down to the final three Dannys and Sandys. As with the rest of the viewers, I haven't seen more than a 5 second clip of acting from our contestants. With that said, I am rooting for "slacker Danny" Max and Ashley to win.
  • Unknown Talent trys to make it on broadway and american "votes" (notice the quotes) on who they want to be the next Danny and Sandy of Grease!

    When i first heard this show was coming to NBC i was excited. I have always loved broadway having a theatre degree and thought this was a great show to welcome more musical theatre into the lives of the American People but unforutnetly i think NBC dropped the ball!

    Reasons to watch!

    If you love musical theatre you'll love or at least enjoy hearing some classics sung by talented individuals!
    "You get to vote" (hmmm really)

    Reasons not to watch! OK there are more reasons not to watch but because i love Broadway i can't stop!

    Billy B. is the worst host ever! Lighten up and stop trying to act funny!
    Mr. Jacobs needs to stop grossing out America as he drools over the women contestents!
    You Get to Vote - Not really! How quickly they changed there minds in who gets to vote when after the first round of votes they realized America didn't like "there strongest singer" so they rigged a new voting system to kick off the two beginners! What a shame, it went down hill fast from there.
    The SING OFF that really has nothing to do with who is getting voted off!!

    This show had so much potential but i think having no DIVERSITY in the cast really hurt the show! Instead of looking for Danny and Sandy they should have been looking for Kennikie and Rizzo. At least then they would have been able to open up the casting pool!! The ratings are decent for a Sunday night but i dont think they will be having a second season!! Plus i dont want them to take my favorite Broadway show and turn it into "Sweeney Todd, whos the next meat pie"
  • there will never be another grease like the original

    Grease, you're the one that i want, is a mildly good show... some of the time. i find tht this show is in a way a repeat of opying the shoe American Idol and imitating te original grease. Even though i understand that this show is trying to promote the fact that the creator is trying very hard to put the winners of this show into a broadway act.. nothing will ever be a comparison to the ORiginal GREASE LIghts. the only reason why i enjoy this show is becasue the singing is great and i can not wait to herd and see the end result. I know that once this starts on broadway, it will be amazing and many people with be wanting to see it but i think once they see it ... they will be disapointed becasue it was not as thrilling or as amazing or as good as the first GREASE!. nothin will ever beat the original anything.
  • I started out really not liking this show, but now I really like it.

    I started out really not liking this show, but now I really like it. It caters to a unique audience, one that likes Broadway performers, so it's not going to be a huge hit. I'd like to see a Broadway Idol -- not just for a specific show, like Grease. A criticism of American Idol contestants is often that they are "doing Broadway" -- which is not what that show wants. A show like Broadway Idol would be a great recurring show on Bravo. I don't like any show that breaks down people by sex, but that's just me. They have 8 (of 10) really talented likeable contestants left at this point.
  • This show is a great concept with the acting, singing and dancing. I appreciate the need for more depth of talent than American Idol. The only thing that needs fine tuning is the singing and dancing aspect of the show.

    This show is a great concept with the acting, singing and dancing. I appreciate the need for more depth of talent than American Idol. The only thing that needs fine tuning is the singing and dancing aspect of the show. So far all the performers have focused on is singing. To make matters worse than being an Idol stepchild, the singers aren't as entertaining. They all sing like show people. I realize that this is great for musical theater actors, but for the audience to appreciate it, the singing has to be amidst singing and dancing for heaven's sake! It really has the potential to be perfect.
  • Casting for Broadways new revial of "GREASE" but a new twist it is cast by america.Sort of like a broadway versoin of american idol.

    This show could be better and depending on who the public chooses could make the show flop or rock on broadway. Hopefuly the public will choose the more experienced actors like Austin because who knows how the rest of them will react under the extreme preasure of preforming every night it might be too hard or too much then most of them bargined for. The dirctor and producer are taking a huge risk of not only money but their reputations. Kathleen has won 2 academy awards including one for the staging and directing of the pajama game. She is used to working with serious actors who know what they are doing. who knows what will happen it could easly make "GREASE" a horiable show or it could kick off two very lucky peoples caeres
  • Are you kidding me?

    I feel like I have been betrayed! Now, I really love musicals and theatre and I really dislike reality tv and think most of it is trash, though there are a few that I think aren't total trash and I can tolerate watching when there is nothing else on...but this!?! I mean I thought broadway of all places would remain the one forum where we would be safe from the craze and the fad that is reality television. And yet there is this, it wreaks of selling out. I can't believe that any self respecting threatre producer would even touch this project yet alone be willing to put the legacy that is Grease under risk like this. I can not imagine where they found a director that would be willing to give in to this reality tv thing, I mean for everyone associated with this on the theatre side it is a huge career risk for them.
  • An abomination of Broadway! I kept trying to give the show a lower rating and it wouldn't let me!

    This show takes all that Broadway holds near and dear and destroys it. First, "Your The One That I Want," the title song here, Was Written For The Movie And Never Appears In The Play. Second, Danny and Rizzo, not Danny and Sandy, are the leads in the Broadway play. This show is taking the movie and putting it on stage. The producers and everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves for having no artistic integrity and selling out for a few bucks. Is this what the nation thinks of Broadway? What has happened to American culture when this vomit-inducing show is on track to become the next big trendsetter across two mediums? I have lost my faith in American entertainment, and it is thanks to this program.
  • This is a new reality show based on Grease,which was awesome.This show is being used to find the new Sandy&Danny for a Broadway production.The judges decide who to send to Greese Acadamy and then America decides who is the one.

    This new reality show, Grease: You’re the One that I Want is a good show to watch during spare time on Sunday night. I think it was smart to think of something different than the American Idol type shows. I give it an 8.9, because it is good to give America the chance to choose someone who will become the next Sandy or Danny on Broadway. I don’t think it is the best show but I do recommend it to any one of any age group who appreciates theatre or loved the movie Grease. I hope we will choose the best people for the part and make Olivia-Newton John, John Travolta, and other people who made Grease the movie a big success proud!
  • Missleading title, I do not want this.

    This is a competion that people are entering in American Idol ish auditions so they can be in the Broadway Production of Grease... Yeah what a prize [sarcasam]. Personaly I never liked grease and I do not like this at all. Hopefully it will be canceled but TV Audiences like crap so it won't happen.

    In 1978, "Grease" became a pop-culture phenomenon. I remember the songs "Grease", "Greased Lightning", "Summer Nights", and "You're The One That I Want". But do you remember "Grease 2"? Well, it was a embarassing sequel with Maxwell Cauffeld and Michelle Phiffer. I thought I saw a casting call for a remake of the latter in "Grease: You're the One that I Want". Searching for Sandy and Danny isn't enough. You need some Rizzos, Knickies, Frenchies, and Eugenes. They got all-around loser Billy Bush hosting the show with Denise Van Outen attached to his hip. Then there are the judges. David Ian is the coach you want to put a pie in their face at the carnival when you find out they flunked you in their class. Jim Jacobs is a sad loser. Did you see the criticism he got with his clothes. And Kathleen Marshall, well, she's just a nobody. Reality shows should have contestants compete for prizes and jobs. Not roles in TV shows, movies, and musicals. And I thought "My Life Is A Sitcom" was bad enough.
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