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  • A Great Show!

    My family loved watching this show together! I hope they do it again.

    Here is my summary of each episode:

    Episode 101 – Pilot
    Seven families start their journey from Chicago to California traveling by way of Route 66. Some of the family members are already getting on each other's nerves. The DiSalvatores and the Pollards find a communication barrier, but it doesn't stop them from becoming good friends.

    Episode 102 – Gateway to the West
    One family was eliminated so six families remain. They travel to Branson, Missouri to perform in front of judges at a theater, but find an unexpected surprise waiting for them.

    Episode 103 – The Heartland
    With no family eliminated, they hop in their RVs and head to Kansas, where Silvio "finally gets the chance to see a prairie." The show ends in Amarillo, TX, where the Ricos (from Texas) get eliminated in The End of the Road Challenge.

    Episode 104 – Road Warriors
    The families visit a café in Adrian, TX that marks the halfway point of their Route 66 journey. They then travel to Holbrook, Arizona where they stay at the Wigwam Motel, then head to the Meteor Crater Canyon and compete in The End of the Road Challenge, where the Favereys become eliminated.

    Episode 105 – Are We There Yet?
    The families head to the Grand Canyon, where Aime Pollard is frightened by a "Prairie Dog" which, by the knowledge of Amy DiSalvatore, turns out to be a squirrel. The End of the Road Challege takes place at the Grand Canyon Railway where the Montgomerys are eliminated.

    Episode 106 – Vegas Baby
    Patience is running low in the DiSalvatore RV. Amy asks to stay with the Pollards and they decide to make the Pollard RV for the girls and the DiSalvatore RV for the boys. The remaining families depart for the Hoover Dam where Silvio and Ron Pollard find another a communication barrier. Then the families wander off Route 66 to explore Las Vegas – literally – and race to find their dads.

    Episode 107 – California or Bust
    The families compete in a terrifying challenge at Bootleg Canyon, then visit a ghost town before competing in California to earn their spot in the final two.

    Episode 108 – End of the Road
    The final two remaining families compete to win a hundred thousand dollars. The DiSalvatores work together and listen to each other, while the Cootes just freak out and start yelling. Mason brings the DiSalvatores to victory, and the underdogs take the title!
  • This series was anticipated with great expectations that fell short.

    If this had been a series of non RVers taking a road trip with RVs and showing the trials and tribulations of RVing, it would have gained a wide audience and taught lessons. Too Bad it ended up being just another reality contest show. Re-introduce this show or make significant changes to include more RV actual problems, learning experiences and failures and you might save the show for both the contesting folks and the huge RV community out there who have eagerly been awaiting this show from the hype that preceded it. If this was more about RVing, the general audience would be greatly expanded.