Great Mysteries

Season 1 Episode 23

Compliments of the Season

Aired Unknown Feb 02, 1974 on ITV

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  • A penniless man sees a way to make some money by claiming a reward, but is aware that others will want to steal it from him.

    This was one of the duller episodes, and there was no "great mystery" involved. Based on a fairly sentimental story by O. Henry, it casts Eli Wallach (playing a more sympathetic character than usual) as a shabby drunk whose determination to claim a reward by returning a child's doll to its distraught young owner attracts the attention of a band of roughnecks. Aware that these toughs are waiting for him outside the gates of the mansion owned by the child's wealthy parents, he devises a simple method of evading them, one which allows him also to extend the traditional courtesies of the Yuletide season to his benefactors.