Great Performances

Season 37 Episode 3

Hitman: David Foster and Friends

Aired Unknown Nov 29, 2008 on PBS

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  • Wretched Excess of Self Aggrandizement

    David Foster is, indeed, a hit-maker. He has worked with an alarming amount of Grade A talent over the years and seems to be able to count on their gratitude to show up whenever he needs to promote himself. Consequently, the audience is treated to the amazing vocal sensibilities of the likes of Buble and Groban and less amazing names like Blake Shelton and Katherine McPhee in this tribute program that seems to have been self-inflicted. The music is always better than good, sometimes great. Unfortunately the context seems self-indulgent and random. We still don't know who this David Foster is or why he does what he does, just that he does it, and seemingly quite well.
  • Music producer David Foster has brought together a very enjoyable evening of music.

    Hit Man: David Foster and Friends. Foster brought together fifteen top-notch performers that he has worked with over the years. Including such big names as Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, Michael Bublé and Celine Dion. (Still other stars bring their greetings, but don't perform.) I had no idea David Foster's career was so far-reaching. He helped write song for the group Chicago, which were performed by Peter Cetera. He's also jump-started careers for many entertainers. His latest "discoveris" are Charice, a 16-year-old girl from the Philippines who is actually pretty well known on the Internet already, and up-and-coming classical pianist William Joseph.