Great Performances

PBS Premiered Nov 04, 1972 In Season





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  • Great Performances Shows.

    This is a television series devoted to the performing arts and has been on PBS since 1972. It is produced by WNET in New York City.
  • Just another good reason to support public television.


    Great Perforances never fails to live up to its name. Ever since it premered on PBS in the 1970s, it has given excellent showings of drama, operas, concerts of both classical and pop music, and every type of dace from ballet to tap. As a fan of classical music, I have yet another reason to support public television. On a scale of one to ten, my only regret is that I can't give a score any higher than a perfect ten.

  • Great Performances offers a wide variety of performances

    My favorite thing about Great Performances is that many genres of music are offered. Everything from folk music to opera. In the early days of the program they aired a lot of straight plays, that is, not musicals. I think they realized that other PBS programs can offer plays; Great Performances does music best. Over they last two years I have seen a tribute concert featuring music by James Taylor, a "reader's theater" type of performance of South Pacific, a tribute concert featuring Ella Fitzgerald's music, and a classical music concert in Russia that included an informative documentary about the country. I appreciate the variety that is offered.
  • Fabulous Performances

    From Vittorio Grigolo, Andrea Borcelli, and Michael Buble Great Performances show cases fabulous perforamances by fabulous performances. You do help but love this show. They bring quality music to television, a feet in itself, and they give you quite a visual show as well. I am not surprised that it has been around for such a long time and am sure that it will around for many more years.