Great Performances - Season 15

PBS Premiered Nov 04, 1972 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Monsignor Quixote
    Monsignor Quixote
    Episode 1

    Sir Alec Guiness stars as Father Quixote, a simple man and parish priest of sleepy El Toboso. The Ancestor of the legendary Don Quixote, the father leads an uneventful life far removed from the exploits of his distant relative - until a chance encounter with a traveling bishop promotes him to the rank of Monsignor. To prepare for his new responsibilities, Quixote sets off on a road trip with his best friend Sancho Zancas (Leo McKern), ex-town mayor and diehard Communist.

    What begins as a casual vacation soon turns into an adventure of discovery for the naive priest. From a wayward kidnapper to a secluded bordello, from a lewd film house to the ever-present, ever-watchful militia, Quixote encounters a host of hilarious oddities with Sancho as his earthy guide. But when the quiet Quixote come face-to-face with the rediculous antics of one small village, he can remain passive no longer. He assumes the courage and fury of his demented naesake to "tilt at the windmills" and do battle with evil.