Great Performances

Season 3 Episode 7

Theater in America: The Seagull

Aired Unknown Jan 05, 1975 on PBS

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  • Gorgeous Adaptation

    This television adaptation of the Stark Young translation of Chekov's The Seagull is powerful and poetic. Opening the play to actual locations lends a great sense of nature and place to an often stage bound series. The cast is astonishing. Lee Grant was at the top of her game at the time of this broadcast. She has seldom been seen in such a wide-ranging role and handles is magnificently. Frank Langella, perhaps a bit old for the character, never-the-less handles all of the emotional turnkey moments with relish. Blythe Danner is also beyond the age for Nina, but it works opposite Langella. Her freedom and movement and innocence leads to the requisite heartbreak in Act IV. Kevin McCarthy strikes a wrong note with me, but his line readings are nice and he presents a complete character.