Great Teacher Onizuka

Season 1 Episode 27

Agent to the Stars

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Dec 09, 2003 on Showtime



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    • (At the radio station)
      Tomoko's Manager: Tomo-chan. We don't need to do these kinds of lowly jobs. All these people outside just want to take pictures of your panties.
      Tomoko: Well... Umm... It's okay. I've already put on some pretty panties.
      Tomoko's Manager: (Screams) That's not the problem!

    • (Eikichi is hanging out in his room, with his student)
      Eikichi: We're all going now. Work time.
      Kunio: Where are we going to shoot the provocative commercial this time?
      Eikichi: Provocative commercial? We're not doing those anymore.

    • (Tomoko has just finished her performance)
      Kunio: (Surprised) What's the meaning of this? Wasn't Toroko kicked out?
      Yoshito: That's Onizuka's achievement...
      Kunio: How did you negotiate it?
      Eikichi: (Picking his nose) That old lady, it seems that you're her type.
      Tadaki: (Disgusted) You didn't actually...
      Eikichi: Well, everything worked out... I'm counting on you. Kunio-chan

    • (Tomoko runs into the classroom)
      Tomoko: I'm sorry. I stayed up late last night reading my script. That's why I wasn't here on time.
      Eikichi: Toroko. Didn't you say you wanted the day off today? Something about a drama shoot?
      (She screams)

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    • Shonen Magazine - Company
      Tomoko was approached by members of the Shonen Magazine comapny, to become featured in their works. Shonen Magazine (a.k.a. Weekly Shonen Magazine) is a manga magazine, and is also known for being the publishers of the GTO Manga.

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