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Great Teacher Onizuka

Season 1 Episode 39

Alone in the Dark

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Dec 25, 2003 on Showtime
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Episode Summary

Alone in the Dark
After Anko Uehara got washed up, Noboru Yoshikawa was able to rescue her but now they find themselves lost and alone in a cavern. Also a part of Anko's past is revealed, showing the main reason for her ill-treatment towards Noboru. Meanwhile Onizuka drags along Urumi Kanzaki in an attempt to locate them, but he still hasn't given up his treasure hunting plans.moreless

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    Michelle Ruff

    Michelle Ruff

    Urumi Kanzaki

    Recurring Role

    Tony Oliver

    Tony Oliver

    Kunio Murai

    Recurring Role

    Philece Sampler

    Philece Sampler

    Chikako Shirai

    Recurring Role

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      • (Flashback)
        Anko: (Crying) Oniichan... Why are you mean to me? Yuichi-niichan... Do you hate me? I love you, Yuichi-niichan...

      • (The bushes are rustling)
        Girl: There's something over there.
        Urumi: (Sitting on Eikichi) Hide behind this dork quick! Use him as a shield against it!

      • (Urumi's forcing Eikichi to wear an SM horse costume)
        Urumi: (To Eikichi) You still have something against me? You want those snakes again?
        Yoshito: Kanzaki... Don't you think it's about time to forgive him?
        Urumi: You kidding me?! The humiliation you've inflicted on me can't be forgiven so easily. Do you know what I went through being in the same room with those Otaku trio?
        (Eikichi is struggling)
        Yoshito: So, this dork seems to want to be bitten by a snake again.
        Urumi: Then should we slide one in through his anus and let it bite his intestines?

      • (Anko is drying her clothes)
        Anko: (Chasing him) Don't be staring at me like that! You pervert!
        Noboru: (Petrified) I got it! I got it! Sorry, I'm so sorry!

      • (Noboru just saved Anko)
        Noboru: Are you okay, Uehara?
        Anko: (Trying to crush him with a rock) To hell with "Are you okay"! I almost drowned because of you!
        Noboru: (Running away) But I saved you!
        Anko: To hell with "I saved you"! Don't talk to me like that! You Yoshikawa!

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