Great Teacher Onizuka

Season 1 Episode 8

Bungee Jumping Made Easy

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Nov 12, 2003 on Showtime



  • Trivia

    • Murai stepped on a fermented soybean and got mad at Onizuka, as his face was zoomed in, you can see a mark in his forehead the word "kill" in kanji.

    • Somehow Eikichi was able to write Doraemon on his own forehead, with bowling balls glued to his fingers. He was even able to hold his cigarette like this.

  • Quotes

    • (Kunio's mom left them at the bowling alley, to help a friend.)
      Eikichi: (Moaning) Why do I need to bowl with you? With a kid with stinky feet.
      Kunio: That's my line, you baboon. I'm gonna send you back to Africa!

    • (Hiroshi goes out to polish his Cresta)
      Hiroshi: Let's make you nice and shiny, my Cresta! (Drops his bucket) She's gone, she's gone, she's gone! Oh, MY CRESTA!

    • Hiroshi: (Staring out the window) Finally, finally, my Cresta is back. It was worth begging. Technically I didn't destroy it, so it shouldn't have been an issue.

    • (Kunio is annoyed at Eikichi who is playing Kokkuri-san)
      Kunio: Oh, it's so dumb. Stupid. You know Kokkuri-san is a self-hypnotic trick. I heard it on TV.
      Eikichi: Kokkuri-san, who has the stinkiest feet in our class?
      (Everyone starts laughing) See, it is Kunio! Kokkuri-san... is the rumor true that he has crotch rot? It says he does!
      Kunio: (Vexed) Who says so? You bastard! I'll kill you!

    • (Eikichi is playing "Kokkuri-san" with some of his students)
      Eikichi: It's Hitomi! Don't you really like Hitomi?!
      Student: (blushing) No, that's not true.
      Eikichi: Look, Hitomi is blushing too. Does this mean a bookworm couple is born?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Kokkuri-san - Movie/Game
      Kokkuri is a Japanese movie about three girls who work at a late night radio show. They decided to summon "Kokkuri-san", a spirit who can answer any question as a pastime but apparently reveals dark secrets that will make these girls turn against each other. This is also the Japanese version of the Ouija board.