Great Teacher Onizuka

Season 1 Episode 6

Conspiracies All Around

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Nov 10, 2003 on Showtime



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    • (Kunio lost to an arcade game)
      Kunio: Shit! What's wrong with this game?! I've had it! It's so stupid!
      Eikichi: (Laughing) You're so lame! You're blaming the machine.
      Kunio: (Shocked) Onizuka!
      Eikichi: You should have gone home to suck on your mommy's boob.

    • (Ryuji is visting Eikichi at the hospital)
      Ryuji: (To himself) Hard to believe. Even when he took on 100 rival gang members by himself... he didn't even get one scratch. Now his arm's broken. I wonder what he did.

    • (Noboru and Yoshito are on the roof)
      Noboru: (Sulking) What should I do Kikuchi? Mr. Onizuka will be fired. It's my fault. It's all my fault.
      Yoshito: Even if you or Class 3-4 weren't involved... it would have happened anyway. He shouldn't be a teacher of Holy Forest Academy. He would have been fired for his recklessness.

    • (Hiroshi is thinking about his destroyed Cresta)
      Hiroshi: (fuming) It's him! He is the source of all my bad luck! He is the god of plagues, the god of poverty! He will definitely be fired this time! Chairman's office. (Opens the door) Chairman! Onizuka should-!
      Mrs. Uehara: Onizuka should be fired right away!
      Hiroshi: Right, what?!

    • (Hiroshi is trying to claim on his second car)
      Insurance man: Let me tell you this. To total two cars in two weeks... it could be considered fraud!
      Hiroshi: (Pleading) Please! An important family trip is coming up this weekend! To regain my dignity as a father and for our family unity... I absolutely need to have the Cresta! I beg of you!
      Insurance man: I don't know...

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    • Arcade game - Tekken
      Murai is seen playing an arcade fighting game against a bear named Kuma, who constantly wins. Kuma is also a bear and fighting character that was first introduced to the popular fighting video game series, Tekken.