Great Teacher Onizuka

Season 1 Episode 31

Destination: Okinawa

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Dec 15, 2003 on Showtime
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Destination: Okinawa
Anko comes clean about Fujiyoshi's situation, and Onizuka tries to Onizuka offers to repay the students with enough money to take them to Okinawa from a winning lottery ticket. But the ticket is revealed to be a fake, Onizuka is left trying all sorts of weird ideas to raise money.moreless

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  • eikichi is the best

    in this episode onizuka went to okinawa island with the is very funny and crazy episodie.they went to okinawa beach and they started to play, to ride a surf and fisching.a snake bites the minor brother of onizuka and he went to ospital.onizuka is crazy because ally boy and girl in each room. boy with girl it is very fanny because everybody are not accord.onizuka went to treasure island with him class to find e big treasure for become very rich and find a this episodie because it is relly nice and watch all series because it is fantastic.moreless
Michelle Ruff

Michelle Ruff

Urumi Kanzaki

Recurring Role

Tony Oliver

Tony Oliver

Kunio Murai

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Philece Sampler

Philece Sampler

Miyabi's Mother

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    • (Eikichi bought a lottery ticket from his cop friend, to fund for the trip to Okinawa.)
      Kunio: Is it a winning ticket?
      Eikichi: Of couse! Do I look like a stupid monkey who can be fooled by a fake. Tada! (Pulls out a newspaper) How is it? I've printed out the prize numbesr from the newspaper. There's no way this is a fake. Alright! Let's hurry an get the prize. Then let's go eat a very yummy meal.
      Urumi: Sensei... This is fake.
      Yoshito: (Points at the newspaper)These number were written on it.
      Eikichi: (Shocked) Wh-What did you say?! That's impossible! (Looks closer) That's right!

    • (Onizuka found out he can't afford the trip)
      Sakurai: Onizuka's really nice, isn't he? You can afford to pay for the whole 3rd year to go to Okinawa.
      Eikichi: (Nervous) Well... Urr... Ehh... Chairwoman... the truth is...
      Sakurai: Look at this receipt first. The total is 8,230,025 yen. From this point on there's no turning back.

    • Eikichi: (Puts a gun to his head) Yo... Saejima.
      Saejima: (Frightened) T-t-t-t... Oh isn't that Eikichi? What's... wrong.
      Eikichi: (Vexed) I'll tell you what's wrong! You dare fool me using a 100 yen prize ticket?! Do you think I'm a moron?! You wanna die, huh! (Put the gun in his mouth)
      Saejima: (Pissing himself) Hold! Hold on! Calm down!

    • (Eikichi is working at a part-time job.)
      Anko: You're really a stupid man... It's not even your fault; why are you taking all the shit for it? If you just do what Miyabi said, then everything will be fine.
      Eikichi: Uehara... Are your panties Hello Kitty?
      Anko: (screams) Hey! Listen to me seriously!

    • (Eikichi is thinking of ways to make money with his students)
      Eikichi: Fine! It can't be helped! I'm a guy after all! Then I have to use my last resort! (Pulls up his shirt) Sell, organs.
      Students: Huh, what?!
      Eikichi: Actually I have some knowledge. The intestine 10m long. Then' I'll sell it for 1,000,000 yen per metre...
      Kunio: These aren't speaker cords! You can't seperate them to sell.
      Eikichi: Then, what should I do?!

    • (After being pelted with food and trash)
      Eikichi: (To the students) Listen to me very carefully! I think a camp trip is too cheap so we won't go to it! This year, I've decided to bring all 3rd year students to go where there's a big blue sky, yummy papaya and lots of fishes to fish. Okinawa! Four days, three nights, luxurious hotel, and lots of wonderful shows to watch! Super great service!
      (Students cheer)

    • (Onizuka is on the stage in front of a crowd of students)
      Eikichi: Heya! I'm Onizuka. Nice to meet you. I really took the money. I'm the suspect
      Crowd: (Throwing food) You stupid thief. Give us back the...
      Kunio: That idiot.
      Eikichi: (Yells) Shut up! I will pay it all back!

    • (Eikichi gets rid of the girl who was supposed to testify for him)
      Kunio: Hey! Onizuka. What are you thinking? She's a very important witness.
      Eikichi: (Smoking) Don't be so stupid. If people heard that a 20 year old adult was fooled by a 14 year old girl, it'll make me look stupid. I'll be so embarressed, I'd run away.

    • (Sakurai is asking Sakurada about the rumors about him)
      Sakurai: There's something I wanted to ask you about. Just about this years camp's fees, you're only accepting it in cash... What's the reason behind this?
      Sakurada: (Nervous) Reason? Why? What? No reason in particular. Just that the camp required it in cash. I had nothing to do with it. (Screams) Excuse me... My stomach hurts... My heart hurts too. It's beating so hard. It's... It's bursting! Sorry! I need a break... (Leaves)

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    • Pachinko - Lupin the 3rd
      When Onizuka tries to cheat at the "pachinko" game, using a magnetic wig, the machine he uses is "Lupin the 3rd-themed!.