Great Teacher Onizuka

Season 1 Episode 30

Money Talks, GTO Walks

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Dec 12, 2003 on Showtime



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  • Quotes

    • Eikichi: (Notices Fujiyoshi) Fujiyoshi! (Dives on him)
      Kouji: Onizuka!
      Eikichi: You, shit!
      Kouji: What's the matter? Stop it!
      Eikichi: You're alive! Do you have your legs?!
      Kouji: Where are you touching?!

    • (Fujiyoshi's suicide note)
      Kouji: Everyone, I'm sorry that I troubled you. I have no chance of returning the money. I'm too ashamed of myself to face you. I'm going to take full responsibility with my death. Mr. Onizuka, Murai, Kusano, Kikuchi, Yoshikawa and everyone. Thank you very much for everything. Goodbye.

    • (The woman only offers 1,000 yen for Eikichi's motorbike)
      Eikichi: (Angry) 1,000 yen! You old woman! Are you saying my precious Z II is worth 2,000?!
      Kouji: (Scared) Calm down!
      Woman: What are you doing?! Police!
      Eikichi: All right!
      Woman: Call the police! He'll attack me!
      Eikichi: Who will?! Don't mess with me!

    • (Kouji enters Onizuka's room)
      Kouji: (Crying) Mr. Onizuka! What should I do?! Mr. Onizuka, everyone is calling me a thief. I didn't steal it! I didn't do it! I want to die. Sensei.
      Eikichi: Fujiyoshi. Don't cry, Fujiyoshi. Don't worry, I'll take care of the money. The homeroom teacher for 3-4 Eikichi Onizuka, will take care of it.
      (At the bank)
      Eikichi: (Receives 1,000 yen) Excuse me... I asked for 1,120,000 yen.

    • (Sakurada is giving his version of last nights events)
      Sakurada: You were giving away money. You did as you liked and you were a grandstander!
      Eikichi: Money?!
      Sakurada: You held the gal's breasts with your hands... and called it a human bra!
      Eikichi: Bra?!
      Sakurada: You got naked and said, "Here is an elephant, paoon!"
      Eikichi: Elephant?!
      Sakurada: Then you said, "I'll give you 100,000 yen to bathe my elephant!"
      Eikichi: Bathe?! Paoon?! (Collapses)

    • (Eikichi is thinking about the lost money)
      Kunio: (Interrupts) Onizuka! Hey, Onizuka! What are you doing?!
      Eikichi: Suddenly I have a stomachache. This is serious. I have to hurry, otherwise I may die... (Runs off) So study by yourselves!

  • Notes

    • Character Note: Anko Uehara who has always hated Onizuka from the very beginning, decided to help him for reasons yet unknown.

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