Great Teacher Onizuka

Season 1 Episode 26

Onizuka Meets His Match

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Dec 08, 2003 on Showtime



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    • (Nao's car is fixed)
      Eikichi: Let's start the Last Signal.
      Nao: What are you thinking?!
      Eikichi: (Gets on his bike) Rather than thinking about the past, isn't it better to dis doing this? You would fell better if you went quickly. Or are you afraid, Queen of Hakosuka?

    • Eikichi: I'm surrounded by beautiful women and having free sukiyaki! (Eating) I guess this is heaven!
      Nao: No one said it's free.
      Azusa: We're having the best beef. It would cost a lot, wouldn't it?
      Nao: (Brings out a calculator) Yes, sukiyaki and service fees. The total would be 125,000 yen.
      Azusa: Payday is coming up, so Onizuka can pay.
      Nao: Then I want him to pay everything when he gets paid.
      Eikichi: (Crying) No way...

    • (Fukuroda runs away, after being pelted by bottle rockets.)
      Kouji: Nao, our objective is gone.
      Nao: (Pissed off) We're just starting to have fun! Hokuroda! You chicken!
      Kunio: Nao, you're so aggressive! Hokuroda was crying.

    • (Onizuka fires a bottle rocket at Fukuroda)
      Nao: (Excited) Wonderful! Did you see it hit him?!
      Eikichi: The next one is ready!
      Fukuroda: (Getting up) Onizuka... He's disturbing my class again! I won't allow him to do it today! (Charges)
      Eikichi: Attention! Destroy Pervert Monster Hokuroder!
      Fukuroda: (Vexed) There isn't any reason for you to call me a pervert!
      (Gets hit by 8 bottle rockets)

    • (Hiroshi wants to return his Miracle Scope, because he couldn't use it to see women's underwear)
      Hiroshi: (Angry) What did you say? No returns?! Don't joke with me. It isn't reasonable that the damaged merchandise cost 200,000 yen. What does this mean, Ms. Kadena?!
      Nao: To call it damaged merchandise is a false allegation.
      Hiroshi: But you...
      Nao: Oh, don't tell me you had a nasty plan to see under women's clothes with it.
      (Everyone glares at him)

    • (Takes out a strange pair of binoculars)
      Hiroshi: (To himself) This is what I bought from Ms. Kadena. It's the technologically advanced "Miracle scope" developed by NASA to search for planets. It's supposed to see through any material. So if I use this... (Fantasizing) This becomes this... then this...

  • Notes

    • Sukiyaki is a Japanese dish in the Japanese steamboat. It consists of meat, vegetables and other ingredients.

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