Great Teacher Onizuka

Season 1 Episode 26

Onizuka Meets His Match

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Dec 08, 2003 on Showtime



  • Quotes

    • Eikichi: I'm surrounded by beautiful women and having free sukiyaki! (Eating) I guess this is heaven!
      Nao: No one said it's free.
      Azusa: We're having the best beef. It would cost a lot, wouldn't it?
      Nao: (Brings out a calculator) Yes, sukiyaki and service fees. The total would be 125,000 yen.
      Azusa: Payday is coming up, so Onizuka can pay.
      Nao: Then I want him to pay everything when he gets paid.
      Eikichi: (Crying) No way...