Great Teacher Onizuka

Season 1 Episode 25

Playing Doctor - GTO Style

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Dec 05, 2003 on Showtime
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Playing Doctor - GTO Style
A new member of staff has arrived at Holy Forest high school and it's the new school nurse, Nao Kadena. She already has boosted the boys' hormones up with her seductive appearance and her cosmetic product business has got the girls on her side. Fuyutsuki confronts her but is ousted for being jealous and Nao makes a wager with her. Reluctant to except, Onizuka takes Nao on her wager on what teaching method would be better.moreless

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    Michelle Ruff

    Michelle Ruff

    Urumi Kanzaki

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    Kunio Murai

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      • (Fuyutsuki arrives with the mock test results)
        Azusa: Onizuka! I have the results of the mock exam. Murai and the others were amazing!
        Eikichi: (Scared) What! You don't mean! Those three brats really made it! (Checks the results)
        Kunio: (Praying) Please God! Higher than 50!
        Kouji: 49 is enough!
        Eikichi: (Relieved) Saved... Don't scare me, Fuyutsuki. I thought they really made it into the top 50.

      • (Fuyutsuki storms off after Eikichi teases her)
        Ryuji: You know, Eikichi... If you want to seduce her, you should be more serious. Otherwise, Fuyutsuki isn't going to like you.
        (Eikichi throws up) Stop it! Don't do it over my shirt!

      • (Onizuka is sneaking about)
        Azusa: (Notices him) What are you doing Onizuka? Isn't your class that way?
        Eikichi: Well... In fact... I have a 50 degree fever, constipation, diarrhea and a headache. I don't feel well. I'm about to throw up.
        Fukuroda: You don't look like it. You look pretty well.
        Eikichi: (His face changes) Really? (Fukuroda screams) I'm dying. I need to go to the infirmary quickly.

      • (Eikichi meets someone new and introduces himself)
        Nao: Starting today, I'll be Holy Forest High school nurse, Nao Kadena. You can call my Nao. By the way my 3 sizes are, a se-cre-t. It's a pleasure to meet you, Onizuka. (Walks off)
        Kunio: Is that really a teacher?
        Eikichi: (Crying) I'm so glad, that I'm a teacher in this school!

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