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  • For aspiring teachers... don't do what he does :D

    Never heard of this show before but was able to find all the episodes and decided to watch them all. I am left surprised that it was really good given I had no idea what it was about.
    Onizuka is an inspiration to his students and that kinda spills onto the viewer as well making you feel good about yourself inside. The things he goes out of his way for his students is a strong virtue not many people possess. Mix that with some comedy (mostly him being a idiot) and you have a decent show on your hands.
    But, as a future teacher, I was interested to see his teaching style and can easily say if I did any or most those things, I would probably find myself living off government welfare for a long time. That's not to say it's not entertaining but dunking students into water upside down isn't exactly a good indication that you are concerned about a student's wellbeing (Also, allocating students to stay in rooms with the opposite sex is... looked down upon). Indeed, I share his feelings for drowning students as they can be a massive pain in the ass.
    The perverted and often idiodic protagonist is a character unrelatable to anyone who has sane mind and that's why it's good for a bit of pure escapism. I was hoping there'd be more episodes but the ending is somewhat justified albeit open ended. Definately worth a look into.
  • Have you ever drempt of having a teacher that's just out of the ordinary? well in this show your fantasies will show you what it's like through class 3-4 in GTO's World.

    I never heard of this show before my friend told me about it. Now I can't stop watching the show. I believe that this should be back on the air pronto. I mean where else are you going to find a show on a biker; teaching high school students. This is a once in a life time show. Bring It Back. And besides everyone knows that you want to have that teacher as well. If you don't than you don't know what is the best or the funniest teacher around. Causing trouble where he isn't need, or just destroying stuff in tokyo. (the school, and other places)
  • The show is about the ex-gangmember Onizuka that wishes to be the greatest teacher ever.

    This show although different from Bleach and Naruto wich I started with when I began watching animes, is one of the greatest series I've ever seen. It doesn't have many of the things a "fighting anime" have, but it have tons of comedy and friendship and belief in it.. Other then that.. Great show! Defenately worth to watch!
  • this ones my personal favorite and one of the best anime shows with actual meaning to its story.

    i love this show it gives a whole lot of meaning and a good number of practical advices for everyone.if this ones real i would like to have onizuka as my teacher then i would go to school everyday.hehehe not to mention hes funny antics and attitude which are the main points why this anime is good for me.its a really funny and absolutely fabulous show too, bad i cant say much about its live action counterpart.its quite nice the animation and the story line its not that serious at some parts but coupled with the funny parts its quite a good show.hope they make more specials or movies for this anime show.
  • A Ex-Gang Biker, A Pervert, A Muscle Man, A Teacher...Combine all of that and what do you get? GTO

    GTO also known as "Great Teacher Onizuka". Its about a ex-gang biker, who seeks to become a teacher, for no apparent reason. He thought it would be fun as well. His Name? Eikichi Onizuka, Age 22 and is really stupid in many ways.. 3 years ago, he and his buddy left their home town to start a new life in Tokyo. His Buddy received an education and now owns a shop, as for Eikichi on the other hand.. did nothing. So the anime starts off when he is in the subway or something like that, he was just looking at High school girl's panties, then 2 wannabe gangsters goes up to him and threatens him for his money or else they would beat him and then call the cops. However, he showed them who they shouldn't mess with. Later, he arrives at the school, he sees a (what he calls "beautiful") high school girl, she drop a volleyball and he picks it up for her.. and blah blah blah.. Anyways, the principal tells him to talk this "class" (a class full of dilquents" (sorry if i spell that incorrectly) The Dilquents sets up a plan to make him feel bad by telling the girl that he saw early to seduce him, then they would take pictures. Of course, he is pissed and wants revenge, unforunatally those 3 dilquents bump into a biker gang, how unlucky. Next thing you know Eikichi Onizuka shows up, and the dilquents begg for mercy, he then says ok drop them into the pond.. Afterwards.. The next day, those 3 dilquents shaped up and did school work over the school.. God-like skills he have lolz

    I would Highly Reccommend this Anime to anyone who loves revenge, Comendy and Cliff hangers because i can't believe what he is actually doing. However his method of teacher is beyond my predictions, this is a MUST Watch anime!! WATCH IT NOW!
  • Onizuka is a 22 year old ex bike gang leader who decides that he wants to become the greatest teacher of all time. As the most uncoventional teacher ever, he gets stuck with some of the worse students imaginable and must gain there trust.

    This show is one of my personal favorites because it really makes you laugh at how you would rarely find a teacher as outgoing and insane as Onizuka. He's energtic and really a cool guy who really cares about the well being of his students. Some of them had some major issues and he went about helping them in a really different manner from most teachers.
    I watched this show faithfully and would recommend it for anyone who likes to have a good laugh with a bit of drama, violence, skirt chasing, and cursing. I also liked how the show was sort of a parody because they had Onizuka immitating other famous anime characters. The Fist of the North Star was my favorite.
  • Unexpected and funny, but also somehow pedagogical. I love Eikichi Onizuka's character!

    Curiosity pushed me to see this show, but i must say i was amazed by the fun and humour i found in it. I didn't read GTO's "manga" so i had no idea what i was going to watch. Firstly i saw a school environment different from what i expected (are really Japanese schools and students like that?!?), but then i thought, maybe every where is like that, they just don't show their true nature! Anyway, Eikichi Onizuka is an ex thug that find himself perfect for teaching, not because of his great knowledges (which are perhaps under the average for his age, since we don't know how he graduated from college), but for his abilities in the relationships with his students. He is more a friend than a common teacher, and that is his talent! You just have to add a vice-principal that hates Onizuka (guilty of destroying every time his car...very funny), a big-breasted nurse, troublesome students and teachers with vices, and you get a perfect anime show! Too bad it has few episodes, but still it's a pleasure watching it!
  • One of the best

    I am a massive fan of Jap animation and have seen a lot... I must admit that this is my favorite comedy series. After the end of every episode, I craved more, yet they dont beat around the bush like they do in some animes. Deffinatly worth it if you can get the whole series for a nice price.