Great Teacher Onizuka - Season 1

Showtime (ended 2004)




Episode Guide


  • Onizuka's Final Battle
    Everything seems to be looking grime from the start when the Teacher's Union force Sakurai, the Chairwoman, to make a tough decision. She must either comply with their outrageous request or have the school shut down. Meanwhile Onizuka continues to defend Miyabi and stakes his career on it in the series finale.moreless
  • Old Wounds Revisited
    Last years homeroom teacher, Noboru Saito has been assaulted, and Miyabi Aizawa who was seen in the area is the prime suspect. With Miyabi missing from home and school, Yoshito Kikuchi and the gang try to investigate further into it. What do they manage to uncover?
  • Confessions
    Episode 41
    As the Okinawa trip draws to an end, Onizuka comes up with some crazy idea of having a haunted house challenge. The main emphasis of this challenge is for boys and girls to complete it in pairs but will this get Anko to confess her feelings to Yoshikawa.
  • Matters of the Heart
    After her recent experience, Anko is cannot stop thinking about Noboru Yoshikawa, who is always on her mind. Even her friends realize that she is acting weird, but Noboru is yet to fully notice. On another note, Uchiyamada Hiroshi is recovering in the clinic but thanks to one of the students, Megumi, he gets fully re-energized about teaching.moreless
  • Alone in the Dark
    Alone in the Dark
    Episode 39
    After Anko Uehara got washed up, Noboru Yoshikawa was able to rescue her but now they find themselves lost and alone in a cavern. Also a part of Anko's past is revealed, showing the main reason for her ill-treatment towards Noboru. Meanwhile Onizuka drags along Urumi Kanzaki in an attempt to locate them, but he still hasn't given up his treasure hunting plans.moreless
  • Great Treasure Onizuka
    Onizuka learns from Kikuchi of a hidden treasure on a nearby island, and gets the entire class to dig for it. Anko and her gang try to ditch Yoshikawa in a forest, but the plan backfires as they become lost.
  • Living Together
    Living Together
    Episode 37
    The class field trip to Okinawa has finally arrived! Anko Uehara uses this opportunity to harass Noboru Yoshikawa, but Onizuka has another plan up his sleeve, co-ed roommates. But it doesn't take long for problems to arise, especially concerning Noboru and his room situation.
  • Self-Improvement
    Episode 36
    After eavesdropping on her student's and Onizuka's conversations, Fuyutsuki discovers what they all really think of her figure, or lack of it. With the trip to Okinawa coming soon, she decides shops around for a swimsuit to prove all of them wrong.
  • Wedding Bell Blues
    Wedding Bell Blues
    Episode 35
    Kunio Murai's life doesn't take long to get complicated again, when he notices his mom acting stranger than usual. Then he spots her at a wedding stage with some some old man and she later comes home drunk talking about remarrying. It doesn't take long for Kunio to put two and two together, and comes up with an outrageous conclusion.moreless
  • Good Cop / Bad Cop
    Good Cop / Bad Cop
    Episode 34
    Saejima is asked to hold onto some evidence in the form of gold bars. Tomoko gets into a bit of trouble and asks Onizuka for some help, but when Saejima and Tomoko end up in the same room with Onizuka, and with the yakuza knocking on their door, Onizuka is left trying to rectify the situation.moreless
  • Search and Rescue
    Search and Rescue
    Episode 33
    Urumi Kanzaki sets her plan into motion by getting Miyabi and her friends into a hotel, with them thinking it's a party to celebrate Onizuka being fired. But it turns out to be a set-up, which has put Miyabi and her friends in a dangerous position of being held ransom by kidnappers. All of a sudden, is it a bird, is it a plane, no it's Onizuka who comes crashing through to save them, or is he there to get his revenge?moreless
  • The Law of Probability
    Onizuka discovers that a raffle ticket he got from Ryuji turns out to be a grand prize winner for a Mercedes that will be more than enough to cover the school trip funds. But Miyabi hatches a plan. On the way to selling the car, Onizuka almost hits a company man who's down on his luck and then offers the car to help out.moreless
  • Destination: Okinawa
    Anko comes clean about Fujiyoshi's situation, and Onizuka tries to Onizuka offers to repay the students with enough money to take them to Okinawa from a winning lottery ticket. But the ticket is revealed to be a fake, Onizuka is left trying all sorts of weird ideas to raise money.
  • Money Talks, GTO Walks
    Fujiyoshi has gotten in trouble from losing the class trip money, and Onizuka tries to remember what happened the night before. It is hinted that Fujiyoshi might commit suicide, but some of Onizuka's students are catching on to Miyabi's conspiracy.
  • Studies in High Finance
    With Kanzaki slowly siding with Onizuka, Miyabi has taken the lead in the attempt to get Onizuka fired, with a plot to embezzle funds meant for the school trip and placing the blame on Onizuka.
  • Whatever Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong
    With Tomoko entering a beauty contest, Onizuka and his student's are there to help her get to the top. Nevertheless it doesn't take long for Tomoko to make an enemy with her mishaps, and it's none other than Megumi Hoshino of Warning Productions. Will one of Onizuka's miracles occur in this beauty contest driven by postcard voting?moreless
  • Agent to the Stars
    Agent to the Stars
    Episode 27
    Tomoko is running late for her acting job and when she arrives she is fired, not for her lateness but for her bust size. However Onizuka manages to get her job back, using his amazing negotiating skills. After getting back her lost job, Onizuka decides to helps out Tomoko by acting as her agent in television commercials and interviews.moreless
  • Onizuka Meets His Match
    Uchiyamada threatens to fire Nao, which doesn't bother her since she's amassed a lot of money for her brother's eye operation. But when the news reveals the holder of Nao's money to be a fraud, she's left with nothing. Onizuka and Ryuji come up with a plan for Nao to get her life back by reliving her days as a street racer.moreless
  • Playing Doctor - GTO Style
    A new member of staff has arrived at Holy Forest high school and it's the new school nurse, Nao Kadena. She already has boosted the boys' hormones up with her seductive appearance and her cosmetic product business has got the girls on her side. Fuyutsuki confronts her but is ousted for being jealous and Nao makes a wager with her. Reluctant to except, Onizuka takes Nao on her wager on what teaching method would be better.moreless
  • Compromising Positions
    Uchiyamada Hiroshi seems to be having a bad day from the beginning, with misfortune after misfortune. But things only get worse for him, when Onizuka visits Uchiyamada's family and ends up taking their daughter out for some private tutoring and a costume party. Uchiyamada tries to track them down but gets mistaken for an escaped gorilla.moreless
  • Superstition
    Episode 23
    Onizuka receives a total of 233 cursed chain letters, but he isn't the only one. The school gets flooded with cursed chain letters, but Onizuka decides to burn all of his. Now bad things start happening to him, and he has himself believing he's got a terminal illness. So he runs away to have a personal farewell party, leaving the everyone else worried sick.moreless
  • The Art of Demolition
    Onizuka and Fuyutsuki learn about her former student Hitomi's past, and attempt to rebuild her trust around teachers. Later on, Fuyutsuki and Hitomi's old school is to be demolished, but somehow Hitomi has snuck back in.
  • Revolution Everywhere
    Miss Fuyutsuki seems to be very popular with the male students in her class, however she then starts getting harrassed by the jealous female students. Upset, she leaves the school and panicking Onizuka with his class buddies decide to track her down.
  • Love Lettters
    Love Lettters
    Episode 20
    After messing about with Onizuka, Kunio Murai receives an anonymous love letter at the shoe lockers with only the initial F. Thinking it could be from Fujita Akane, Murai goes after her. He completely removes thoughts that it could be from the tall schoolgirl Kujirakawa Fuyumi, who's rumored to have a crush on him from two years ago.moreless
  • Private Investigations
    With the school damaged from the explosion, lessons have been cancelled. So the Great Teacher Onizuka uses this time to do some investigating on the past, between Ms. Fujimori and Urumi Kanzaki. Later he calls Urumi out for a confrontation.
  • How to Dine and Dash
    Onizuka has to take Kanzaki and some classmates out for sushi, but doesn't have the means to pay for it. But as he makes a run for it, he gets bumped by a car owned by Tomoko and the restaurant manager. Tomoko is going to be interviewed by her old teacher Fujimori, who has some ties to Kanzaki in the past.moreless
  • Falling for the Great Onizuka
    Teacher killer Urumi Kanzaki begins her reign of terror on the poor teachers forced to teach her. Onizuka gets worked up but can't do anything about it because Urumi is a special student, with an IQ over 200. But they later meet up and end up getting into weird and dangerous situations.moreless
  • Beauty + Brains = A Dangerous Mix
    After the previous kidnapping incident, Onizuka is being hailed as a hero. However there's still one thing missing in his life, a girlfriend. But his luck might have changed after a weird encounter with his ideal girl, Urumi Kanzaki, or so he thinks.
  • The Great Sacrifice
    The Great Sacrifice
    Episode 15
    Minutes before he's scheduled to take an exam in a desperate bid to save his career, Onizuka witnesses a student being kidnapped and rushes to intervene. Can he rescue the student and finish the exam before time runs out?
  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place
    Onizuka finally realizes he is in trouble if he doesn't get the highest score in the Junior High entrance exam, and this time Miss Fuyutsuki intends to help this time. But Onizuka gets confused about Miss Fuyutsuki's intentions when she invites him to her place, to study. Will she be able to help him or will he end up being distracted?moreless
  • Only the Best Will Do
    After Teshigawara's complaint, the president and other members of the SSVE (Society of the Study of Victimization in Eduation) feel the need to investigate Onizuka. After a mishap Onizuka had with the president of the SSVE, he now needs to prove he's worthy of teaching his own students by outscoring them on a practice exam.moreless
  • The Formula for Treachery
    Ms. Fuyutsuki seems to be running late, but Onizuka is there to help her as usual and there seems to be rumors already spreading about the two of them. Meanwhile Teshigawara, the maths teacher, has an obsession over Ms. Fuyutsuki, and wants Onizuka out of the picture.
  • To Be Idolized by a Nation
    Onizuka's student, Tomoko Nomura, tries out for an Idol competition as part of boosting her confidence. However she seems to be up against some stiff competition, including her talented friend Miyabi Aizawa. Let's hope Onizuka was right to enter her into this competition.
  • Outside Looking In
    Outside Looking In
    Episode 10
    After the underwear mishap from the previous day, Tomoko Momura is now subject to bullying from her friends. The only one who can help her now is the Great Teacher Onizuka, but how can he help?
  • Onizuka and the Art of War
    The perverted PE teacher Fukuroda is furious at Onizuka's lack of professionalism and apparent popularity with the students, leading him to challenge Onizuka to a series of demanding physical contests in order to prove just who is the better teacher.
  • Bungee Jumping Made Easy
    Murai fears that his mother will start dating Onizuka and begins following them wherever they go to prevent the possibility that Onizuka will become his new father! When his escapades have him run afould of a street gang, he pleads for Onizuka's help - but Onizuka feels there are some lessons Murai should learn for himself.moreless
  • The Mother of All Crushes
    When Onizuka starts visiting all the parents of the students in class 3-4, Murai fears that the lecherous Onizuka will be anything but professional with his young, single mother - and will go to any lengths to keep them from being alone together.
  • Conspiracies All Around
    After one of the students Onizuka punished to avenge the torture inflicted on Yoshikawa gets her mother involved, Onizuka finds himself facing the end of his teaching career - unless he can prove to the PTA board that the student isn't the innocent victim she claims to be!
  • An Eye for an Eye, a Butt for a Butt
    When a student becomes friendly with Onizuka, he gets stripped and photographed. When attempting to commit suicide, Onizuka helps him and.... gets revenge by whipping the girl bullies' butts, and photograph. But what Onizuka doesn't know is that one of them is the daughter of the PTA head..... (i think that this is the ep)moreless
  • The Secret Life of Onizuka
    A disturbing and embarrassing picture of Onizuka doing adult things had made its way to the school wall. After getting slapped by Ms. Fuyutsuki, Onizuka starts to worry about himself, thinking he might have a hidden perverted personality. The truth is, his students are plotting against him with some clever digital photo editing. But can Onizuka figure it out?moreless
  • Late Night Roof Diving
    As a new term begins at Holy Forest, Onizuka realizes his lifelong dream of running a class. Unfortunately, Onizuka learns that everybody who has taught his new middle-school class 3-4 has left because of the mental stress. On top of that, one night he sees a student on the rooftop who is pondering suicide!moreless
  • Enter Uchiyamada!
    Enter Uchiyamada!
    Episode 2
    Having missed the national teacher proficiency exam, Onizuka decides to interview for a teaching position at a prestigious private school. On the day of the interview, Onizuka rescues a cute young girl from a pervert on a bus. The girl is the beautiful Azusa Fuyutsuki, who also is applying to be a teacher. But the pervert turned out to be the Holy Forest private school's vice principal, Hiroshi Uchiyamada! Could this be the end of Onizuka's teaching career already?moreless
  • The Legend Begins (double length episode)
    Eikichi Onizuka tries out student teaching with the hopes of making a difference and meeting some high school girls. Things are looking great, except that he is assigned to a class of juvenile delinquents. All except for the young and beautiful Nanako Mizuki. One night, Mizuki was sitting on a bridge, crying about her situation at home. She asks Onizuka if she could stay over. But the dream scenario turns out to be a blackmail trick. Will it be enough to make him give up teaching? Not if he can help it!moreless