Great Teacher Onizuka

Season 1 Episode 1

The Legend Begins (double length episode)

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Nov 03, 2003 on Showtime
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The Legend Begins (double length episode)
Eikichi Onizuka tries out student teaching with the hopes of making a difference and meeting some high school girls. Things are looking great, except that he is assigned to a class of juvenile delinquents. All except for the young and beautiful Nanako Mizuki. One night, Mizuki was sitting on a bridge, crying about her situation at home. She asks Onizuka if she could stay over. But the dream scenario turns out to be a blackmail trick. Will it be enough to make him give up teaching? Not if he can help it!moreless

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  • The beginning of GTO and many great stories to come!

    I thought this show was great! It was everything it should've been and nothing I expected. I immediately fell in love with the characters, something that takes a lot to make me do. But somehow, this show can just pull you in. The first episode got me addicted right away!

    The main character, Eikichi Onizuka, is not what he's labeled as, which I really find amusing. Everyone gets the impression that he's a perverted, emotionless guy *because of his gang days*, but really, he'd do anything to make someone feel happy again and there's no way he'd ever touch a girl. This show is really unique and I just can't see how anyone wouldn't like it!moreless
Isshin Chiba

Isshin Chiba

Ryuji Danma

Guest Star

Yuko Miyamura

Yuko Miyamura

Nanako Mizuki

Guest Star

Shinichiro Miki

Shinichiro Miki

Hidero Ohsawa

Guest Star

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    • (Eikichi is leaving the school when Nanako shouts at him from the rooftop.)
      Nanako: (shouting) It was fun, teacher! Make sure you become a teacher! I will remain a virgin and wait for you!
      Eikichi: You should be ten years older to say that, kid!
      Nanako: You're not taking me seriously? Then... (takes off her panties) See?
      Eikichi: (crying) Great.

    • (Eikichi just saved Nanako after she fell off the motorbike)
      Eikichi: You're crazy! What the hell?!
      Nanako: I don't want to go home! (Crying) I would rather die than go home.

    • (Eikichi is riding his motorbike, with Nanako.)
      Eikichi: (to himself) Why is she inviting me to her house? I wonder if there is more to that trap. Yeah, that's it. That must be it! No, don't be fooled, Eikichi Onizuka, 22 years old. I won't fall for a young girl, even without underwear. I won't fall for what's under that skirt. I won't, I won't.

    • Nanako: (On his motorbike) Teacher, don't you want to come to my house?
      Eikichi: Absolutely not.
      Nanako: Here. (Places her panties in front of him) If you come, I will give you panties fresh off my butt!

    • Nanako: Yoo-poo!
      Eikichi: What the hell is "yoo-poo"? Say it correctly.
      Nanko: Oops! You are acting a little cold, teacher.
      Eikichi: (Annoyed) Don't bug me. Go away.
      Nanako: That's too bad. Nana wanted to praise you.
      Eikichi: Praise?
      Nanako: I'm the one who developed that torture-a-teacher trap! Usually the victim stops coming to school... or he would pay the money. You are awesome, teacher. I commend you.
      Eikichi: Someone like you is called a devil. Hurry home.

    • (Eikichi's students are cleaning the school)
      Class Punk #1: Teacher, thank you very much for yesterday.
      Class Punk #2: What you told us was very moving!
      Eikichi: (Bewildered) Well, just a little bit of tough love.

    • (Eikichi arrives at the school the next day.)
      Eikichi: I bet I'm fired.

    • (Ryuji and Eikichi are in a bar)
      Ryuji: Everyone is panicking because there aren't enough jobs. Who'd hire a former gang member... and 3rd-rate college graduate with a history of violence? (He notices some Yakuza on the next table.) Maybe they would. Those yakuza scouts seem to be looking at you with intense interest.
      Eikichi: Don't look! If our eyes meet, I'll get hired.

    • (Eikichi is torturing the students who fooled him earlier.)
      Eikichi: How do you like the pond water in Inokashira Park? Isn't it good?
      Class Punk: Please don't kill us, Mr. Onizuka.
      Eikichi: Don't worry, I'm not gonna kill you. We haven't done the crotch-splitter, burning-at-the-stake or sandbag hell yet.
      Class Punk: You are a teacher, aren't you? How could you torture your students?
      Eikichi: No whining!

    • (After student Nanako explains that she ran away from home.)
      Nanako: (to Eikichi) Let me spend the night at your place.
      (A sign appears above Eikichi.)

    • Eikichi: (fantasizing again) A 16 year old bride! I don't have to wait till I am 40.

    • (Eikichi is trying to teach his class)
      Eikichi: (Getting angry) Those bastards! Just mumbling away! I wish I could kill them. Kill them!

    • (Eikichi talks with Hidero, another student teacher.)
      Hidero: In this career it is possible to marry a 16 year old girl in my 40s.
      Eikichi: (shocked & excited) In my 40s... 16 year old...
      Hidero: I will teach you the techniques later.
      Eikichi: Master!

    • (Ryuji and Eikichi are riding on a motorbike.)
      Ryuji: I can't believe what you're doing.
      Eikichi: About what?
      Ryuji: Stupid! Student teaching, what else? You, of all people trying to be a teacher!
      Eikichi: Student teaching! It gets me excited! (Pops a wheelie) A bunch of innocent high school girls. I can't wait!

    • (Eikichi is aproached by two street punks)
      Street Punk: Give us your wallet... or we'll call the police after beating you up.
      Eikichi: (Punches through a payphone) Now, here is the question: Who is going to get killed? Me, a pervert with a 2nd-degree blackbelt... or a pathetic pair who are, unfortunately... trying to swindle money out of me? Now, which is it?

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    • Wolf Costume - Famous Song
      When Nanako is cooking for Onizuka and he is in the background getting dressed up as a wolf and setting out the bed roll, there is a song playing in the background. The song is famous in Japan and talks about how boys are wolves that just want one thing from girls, so the girls should beware.

    • Onizuka's given name, Eikichi, was inspired by rock star Eikichi Yazawa.