Greatest American Dog

Season 1 Episode 5

Dancing with the Dogs

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Aug 06, 2008 on CBS

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  • Thank God, Brady's gone.

    That was very fun to watch and I'm not just saying that because brady got voted off. I never noticed how cute andrew runs when they did their dance. and Teressa won i thought it was sweet how she gave up the dog bone suite so Bill could see his family and see a letter from them. I still think she's mean to Leroy. a fun, original, episode. I laughed so hard during Brandy's performance. Those socks were so dumb. I wasn't shocked when Brandy went home. Preston started OK. and PresLY was ummmm... well i gotta admit it stuck. Well sayonara Brady
  • good episode....

    The theme for this week was coordination. The Dog Bone challenge was getting the dogs to walk a balance beam over a pit of mud. I was surprised at how many dogs failed, but I loved how all of the owners said "good job" or "you tried." I like the positive attitude. I didn't like how JD seemed really pissed. Lighten up. I thought it was very sweet how Teresa gave her suite to Bill. Bill is my favorite and I was so worried he would leave this episode, and I'm glad he didn't. The challenge was to dance with the dogs. I loved how Laurie's dance was. Andrew is so cute! I thought JD and Bill did well also. I'm so happy to see Brandy gone; she is so annoying. Overall, a solid episode of the show.
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