Greatest American Dog

Season 1 Episode 5

Dancing with the Dogs

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Aug 06, 2008 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The Dog Bone challenge was called "Mud Dog." The dogs were challenged to cross a beam over mud.

    • This episode is the first one to not have a dog house. Instead of the Dog Bone winner sending another to the dog house, they now have a "leg up" on the Best in Show challenge.

    • Laurie and Andrew won Best in Show.

    • Teresa and Leroy won the Dog Bone challenge, but gave the suite and their reward to Bill and Star.

    • This week's Best in Show challenge was called "Dancing with the Dogs." Each owner and dog had to perform a one-minute dance routine to a specific theme.

  • Quotes

    • Beth Joy: (after JD and Galaxy failed the Dog Bone challenge) You know those cartoons where steam comes out of the ears - that's how JD looked.

    • Laurie: (after Andrew fell in the mud) I'm sure it's fun for everyone to see the little white dog get muddy. His hair is too beautiful to fall in the mud; poor Andrew.

    • Bill: (after the Dog Bone challenge) When Star slipped on that beam, I was lookin' right dead in her eyes. She wouldn't have fallen off. When she got over to me I said "wow, look at what my orange dog did." I was so proud of her.

    • Laurie: (to Brandy about Beacon) Stop making them like humans. She's tired; you've been training her. Let her be a dog. We provide for them; they love us for providing. They're not vindictive; they don't hold grudges. They're pure creatures.
      Travis: You're their idol all of the time. That's why they're glad to see you every time. They live moment to moment.

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