Greatest American Dog

Season 1 Episode 9

Dog Swap

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 03, 2008 on CBS

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  • Another one bites the dust...

    to quote Queen about my hopes about this game show/reality "contest." One dog, in the episode's challenge to cut 'unworthy' competitors, is saved while one of the three that actually performed the stated challenge was booted.


    After reading about the last episode on the web site for the American Humane Association, I realized that this IS just another reality show, but I love watching the dogs. I may be naive, but I like to think of reality shows notbeing too "cooked". I understand edits for time or a supposed storyline, but easily dealt with situations just ignored and not spoken of, smacks of contempt for the audience- US, you and me! (Fixes include a voice-over/text/crawl telling us that there actually was a few days of familiarization with the obstacle equipment and jumping by ALL the dogs.)

    I've made it so far, I will see it through, but my heart is sadder and angrier.
  • loyalty is tested...

    So, the dogs were challenged to have a sit, stay while the other owners tried to distract them. I'm sorry, but how does that show loyalty? That's just obedience. Anyways, Andrew, I think, has an unhealthy obsession with his owner. Seriously, the dog needs to want to spend time with other people. I thought it was ridiculous how much that dog was brainwashed just to spend time with her. I hate how the judges our out to get JD. He's the best and they keep saying that he's too tough and crap. He's a good trainer. The dog is old but still loves to play and is well-trained. I think Teresa was the weakest for a while so it's good she's gone. I still don't think Travis is any good and he should have gone before Bill...Bill should win...