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  • Last nights episode was unbeleivable. The girl who used the rubber band on her dog should have been sent home. Abusive tactics should not be allowed. What were these judges thinking. I will never again buy their magazines

    Last nights episode was unbeleivable. The girl who used the rubber band on her dog should have been sent home. Abusive tactics should not be allowed. What were these judges thinking. I will never again buy their magazines.
    They apparently didn't want to punish the dog but the other contestants were send packing because of things they did. Show must be fixed. I was really enjoying this program until this episode, Wed. July 30. I can't believe you would let a contestant continue after that stunt...I am sure the SPCA would like to see that. I will not condone this.
  • Great, fun, interesting, clean show! Not many of those around!!

    This is a fun, interesting, informative show! I've learned some dog tricks to try on my new dog. It's also a touching show at times...especially for us dog owners who can relate to how much the dogs mean to people on the show. I think it's a great clean show and there aren't too many like this out there in these 2000's.

    This is a fun, interesting, informative show! I've learned some dog tricks to try on my new dog. It's also touching at times..especially for us dog owners who can relate to how much the dogs mean to the people on the show. I think it's a great, clean show and there aren't to
  • great show

    It's the Greatest show on t.v. It's Like a dog big brother, but it has different themes and challenges. The main thing is that there is one dog that will be the Greatest American Dog. So that is the main thing.while there are also challenges that leads to the dog bone sweet and .I think that they can pick a person to be in the dog house.the person who got the dog bone sweet got a leg up on what challenge they had to face.And everyone else didn't get the leg up if they weren't the winner.That is what i think of the show.
  • The almighty judges!

    I love the concept of the show. The dogs were fun. I feel there is far to much pressure on the people. And, why in the hell do we have to have a token Brit in the judging panel. She is ruthless like Simon Cowell and Piers whatever his name is. I like her training show shot in the UK, but as a judge, she sucks. The critical overtone is not needed. Give the owners good tips and suggestions and not the way they shouldn't have done something.

    It is too bad most of the episodes if not all of them are already taped. As much as I love dogs and the bond between people and their dogs, I won't continue to watch it if the judges are as negative as they were tonight. I want something uplifting when I take the time to watch television, not something that reminds me of others opinions - that is too much like work.
  • This show suffers from two major and crippling flaws:  The progressive elimination of the most intersesting dogs and the boring, biased judges.

    The elimination of the "lowest ranking" dog each week weakens the show by taking away the most interesting characters, which are supposed to be the DOGS!  Essie never had a chance.  How cool was Elvis?  He wouldn't have come home crying like a wooze (as Star did) but would have brought the snake and all its friends home in his mouth!!  I really miss that beautiful Giant Schnauser!  What a disappointment he's gone instead of that brain-dead Bella Starlet dustmop.  You could have kept all the dogs on the show with a running tally each week so that we could see all the lively and fun things that they CAN do instead of running an "American Idol" knock-off for deranged owners and their neurotic dogs.  Honest I don't care which of the owners is flirting with another...jeez, guys.Perhaps the worst comment is that the judges mirror what you eventually have left...dull working dogs/herders with no personality.  These judges look like they all have had frontal lobotomies.  We'll probably never get to see Tillman ride a skateboard...the one thing he's known for.  They are clueless about the idiosyncrasies of some breeds.  Essie and Elvis are Terriers, for cryin out loud!  I'd like to see stupid Star ride a skateboard or Bella Starlet go to ground and catch a big snake, really anything courageous like terriers do...You know, just a suggeation. You might consider someone a little more towards the sexually active demographic genepool side than these prunes.   Gad, boring.You guys have really screwed up a good show.  Nice job.
  • Good topic - Very badly done

    This show had great potential but they did it all wrong. This should be about great dogs and not about the people.
    Some of these dogs can't even sit on command. If you go to the county dog show you will find many great dogs in the obedience trials who are well trained and wonderful companions. People watched this because they wanted to see great dogs. Not disfuntional owners in a reality show. They should have brought in truly great dogs. An ideal group would include a service dog, a police dog, an amazing dog that was rescued from a shelter, and the rest should be extremely well trained, happy, healthy wonderful dogs. Everyone I know who watched it did so to see great dogs. Needless to say, none of these are great dogs. The fact that the show had a "Talent Show" focusing on how the owners performed clearly demonstrated that the focus in this show is on the owners and not the dogs. Really too bad because this would have been a good show if the emphasis was really on great dogs. The first show got good ratings because of the high expectations of viewers about the dogs that would be on. The ratings will drop substantially this week now that they have seen what a weak field we have here. I guess the cat is out of the bag now.
  • Looks more like another cross between Big Brother and American Idol.

    My Tivo recorded it by mistake so I thought I'd watch it. It looks more like Big Brother than a real competition. They say they selected these dogs as the best 12 out of thousands from all over the country. I think they picked people not dogs. Most of these dogs would not pass a basic obedience class. There is like 1 actual dog trainer in the whole bunch. Mainly they are like my ex wife. They want to be thought of as dog trainers but not put the time. You could go to almost any dog show and find a few dozen dogs that would totally humiliate the ones on the show. And yet they expect them to teach these dogs new stuff each week like American Idol. It will be interesting to see if they cancel the show. Probably not since the whole thing must be in the can by now but then if the ratings are low enough they have pulled shows after the first episode before even though they had 6 - 13 episodes already done. So we can hope.
  • Love this show!

    I think Tilman was ripped off! Yes, I do agree that a better picture could have been used but come on he was still LAZY! Why is Beacon still here? He did not look loving at all in his picture. Not only that Beacon should have been gone in episode 2. Love the show but they need to be fair!Galaxy will win it all! Owner is a little cocky but his dog is pretty smart and well trained. That was a perfect picture of Galaxy! He did look so sneaky! I usually don't watch reality shows but love animals and decided to give it a shoot. I love it! This was a great idea! What makes this great is that the dogs are your everyday dogs. They are not professionally trained dogs. I recommend this show and can't wait to see it next week!
  • Its something fun to watch. Also its got adorable dogs who doesn't love adorable dogs!

    At first I wasn't sure I'd like this show but after getting the first episode for free on itunes it has become one of my favorite shows. It has just the right amount of drama without turning into a soap opera. One of the few good shows to watch during this long summer. All of the dogs are so cute its hard to just pick one to win ,which is strange for me because I always pick a favorite on these types of show! The dogs are amazingly smart. The only thing that bothers me about this show are the owners who treat thier dogs like people but luckly not all the contestants are nuts!
  • like everything excpt the judgeing

    i luv the show except the judging is terribal they may be experts but the deff. of an expert is ( a drip under pressure) and they proved it last nite 7/30/08 TILLMAN didnt deserve being kicked off either of the other bottom 3 should hsve been 1 cheated an the other one has not done anything in any of the comp. your judges are a joke you need to let the public deside who is in the botton 3 like they do on so you think you can dance. or at the very least get some judges that will be more in line with the public rather than give corrective speaches then reject probability one of the best dogs on the show the challenge was personalty and tillman has more of that than all the rest of the dogs in the house put together
  • If anyone knows where to enter for the next season, please mail me!

    I like the show because its not some extraordinary dogs. They are just normal people with their dogs. I was very disappointed when elvis left. I was hoping the ugly white maltese would. I mean the owner tattling on elvis. . .so uncool. I love the judges. The challenges are cool to. It really isn't a terrific show but its not as bad as some people make it seem. I thought they could make it fun if they had a children episode. That would make me watch even more then I do. Anyway. . .anyone who knows where to enter please let me know!
  • It is amazing to watch the chemistry between the dogs and their owners, but to watch owners get ripped into for not doing EXACTLY what the judges feels the way it should've been executed - The show should've been called something else....

    I love this show! I am a HUGE dog lover and I enjoy watching them do the challenges. Some of the drama between the contestants is a bit much, but overall a great watch. The major grievance I have is the way the judges berate the owners. It seems as though it should be called "Greatest American Dog Trainer". This show gives the audience the impression that EVERY breed is inately capable of completing any and all tasks put in front of them. In actuality, some breeds instinctually herd, protect and some are meant to be lap dogs. In this last episode, the dogs had to herd puppies though a maze. Before it even started, I called Leroy and Galaxy to excel. Why?? They are border collies. These dogs were put on this earth to herd other animals. It is an instint hard wired in their dna to herd animals. Although, I will say, Leroy did a better job of actually herding. Anyways, be it as it may, I will still watch this show till the end and if it comes back on next season.
  • i find JD and Galaxy are best and they should win this.i feel Victoria is a bit unsecured about JD that how he has good relationship with Galaxy and even he trained him very well.please judges see the whole episode and see how JD is so caring to Galaxy...


    i find JD and Galaxy are best and they should win this.i feel Victoria is a bit unsecured about JD that how he has good relationship with Galaxy and even he trained him very well.please judges see the whole episode and see how JD is so caring to Galaxy...

  • This stunt should have never happened.

    We watch this show every week then go to work and discuss it. This stunt last night with the flying dog should have never happened. Dogs need to be conditioned to climb and "fly". Now a dog is hurt? Good job little Maltese for refusing !! Smart dog !!! I am very disappointed that a show like this would do what they did. Talk about being rough with your dog? Seriously, those dogs shouldn't have even been climbing that ramp. The boxer could have been hurt thrashing around on the harness ... there is no way a nine year old dog should have been doing those stunts when he wasn't trained for a long period of time to do it in a safe way. Whats the deal?
  • Great idea poorly put together. But has amazing potential.

    I watch most of the shows cause of the dogs and a couple of the owners. i think its a great idea for a show but not so well planed out. some of the dogs on there are hardly trained and well don't get me started on the some of the owners. don't get me wrong the are some great dog and dog owners. i think it would be better if they started with pretty well trained dogs and more knowledgeable owners. then it would be more of a fun challenging dog contest and not can u keep up contest. it is hard to rate this show as it is right now but if i were rating it for potential i would say on a scale of 1-horrible-----10-nothing can beat it... i would give it a 7 i think it could be able to compete with some of the other reality shows if it meets its potential.

    on another note does any one know if there is a spot to apply for a spot in the next show???? if any one knows email me.
  • Greatest American Idiot

    Greatest American Dog,
    Well this is a new show from CBS. I was a bit surprised the CBS picked it up. I mean it has no c list actors in it or nothing. I was shocked as well this show was not a dance show. That was a bigger surprise. Ok in this show there a search for the greastest american dog. Although we know it's Lassie they beg to differ. The people move into a house with their dogs and compete in challeges to see who has the best dog. I must say this show is over the top. It makes the owners look like total idiots. They are over obessesed with their dogs they treat them like they dont have lifes. It just shows how willen a person is going to go to prove to nobody for their 15 minutes are great their dog is. When nobody cares because they are watching stupid dance shows. On the bright side this show is better than I love Money but i hope this doesnt make it to a second season.
  • Show lacks PROFESSIONAL judges, it seems as if the judges are very biased against certain people, and the challeges were lackluster.

    First off, my parents and I have been watching this show with high hopes the entire season. Our view of the show has changed dramatically.

    The judges need to go. The judges are very generic and don't have the needed skills to judge this show. They seem to hold grudges, and that little catfight was very unprofessional. The judges made some very poor decisions, and getting rid of JD and Galaxy was the biggest. They spent more time judging JD, and haven't been concerned about the dog for several episodes. Out of the top three, the Boxer and the Maltese should've been booted way before the Border Collie. What a joke.
    The challenges, or lack of. This show needs major work on making funner, more challenging events. My cat, Halo, is more than capable of completing these bogus challenges. Get real, or go home.

    Would you watch a 2nd season?
    Not if these issues haven't been addressed, and my parents are in this same room, agreeing with me.
  • America's Best Dog is one show I will NOT miss. I am hoping for many more episodes.

    America's Best Dog is the only reality TV show I will watch. America's Best Dog is one show I will NOT miss. It shows training, discipline, and the love American's have for our best friend. These dogs and owners need to be thanked for all the love and hard work they do with their dogs. I hope this show will have many more episodes and continue to make us smile and sometimes feel sad (when Star's ear was cut and Tillman was bit). I liked the pictures everyone did, they used such imagination. I like the helpful comments by the judges. Please help make sure this show stays on TV.
  • Teams pair up with one human directing both dogs and one human hidden in a box. One dog has to ring a bell. The other climbs steps to go in a cedar-shavings-filled container and dig until it finds a rope to pull and release the owner in the box below.

    I've had such fun watching this show--and I'm not even a dog person! Bill and Star are my faves, but Bill really blew it last night. Star was clearly at her limit and Bill kept pushing her to round up the darned puppies. It was obvious that Star wasn't in the least bit interested in the puppies (leg up or not!) and it was only by luck that two managed to cross the finish line...naughty Bill!

    I'm most interested in finding out how others feel about the supposed aversion training that JD uses. I have seen no evidence of such a thing and it doesn't not appear to me that Galaxy fears JD in the least. Where on earth did that come from? I'm not saying I agree with aversion training--and I definitely feel that fear has no place in training--but neither am I a big fan of the constant treats some folks give their animals.

  • I'm not sure if the relationships between the dogs' owners are real or fabricated.

    Overall, I believe this is a good show and would like to see another season. However, I think Theresa is playing Bill. She gave him the dog bone suite, as well as the leg up, which I thought was a nice gesture, because she said that Bill missed his family and wanted him to see pictures of them. But when he returned the favor, she did not mention to the judges that he had done the same for her. Also, she did not bring up that she was helped by a professional in creating her dog painting, as Bill had done when he was afforded this privilege in the dancing with the dogs segment. This bothered me a bit. I would keep an eye on her.
  • Tillman and Ron are the best. Enter the Sweepstakes and you and your dog can ride alongside Tillman the skateboarding dog in the Rose Bowl Parade!

    Ron and Tillman rule the show - Tillman has the most skills and Ron is the coolest. My vote is for them! Enter the Sweepstakes and you and your dog can ride alongside Tillman the skateboarding dog in the Rose Bowl Parade!

    I am excited to see what the new challenge brings this episode. The different personalities of the dogs always match the owners. it will be interesting to see who comes out as Top Dog, the American Idol of Dogs. One recommendation i would make is where are the labs and the rest of the big dogs? we need more physical activity!
  • This is okay, but the judges need a personality.

    These judges are so boring. Luckily there is Tillman the dog. If it wasn't for Tillman this whole show would be a loss. They need to weed out the wacko's from this show like the one who dresses here dog up. I like the boxer also he has some great features, but don't do the team thing as it really seems to confuse the dogs. I would like to see more originality of the course and more on individuality. And ban all dressing up of dogs. Also, why do they have the team functions, when the prize room is basically enough room for only one person NOT 2 people.
  • Suppose to be wonderful show about American dogs.

    Great dogs, great dog owners, but a horrible idea of a show. No one seemed to enjoy it . . . not the dogs, not the dog owners, not the judges, and above all not us the audience. If it were possible to give it a "minus 10," I would. The dogs couldn't have been prettier, sweeter or more talented and it was obvious that the owners just loved them. What could have been really wonderful just wasn't. American's love dogs. We love to see dogs and see them do their thing. They are wonderful creatures. I was really looking forward to this show. Just horrible . 
  • I love dogs and was looking forward to a new show about dogs and their owners. Just what we don't need is another reality show. I was hugely disappointed.

    I was very disappointed. I love dogs but I am fed up with reality shows. Another reality show is just what we don't need. The dogs on the show were wonderful. For the most part I enjoyed their owners. But the show is poorly
    planned and not interesting. I love dogs but I was bored.
    I would love to see a show profiling dogs and their owners.
    But this show is no it. The negative competitive spirit
    that the format creates ruined it for me. What about a show that dwells more on the relationship shared by dogs
    and their owners without all of the competition. No more
    reality shows please
  • Wonderful show which I would love to see on again! Maybe this will encourage more people to go out & CAREFULLY find & adopt the perfect dog for themselves at a local Animal Shelter! Who knows, maybe America's next Best dog will be in your local shelter?

    This is a great show which might enspire people to train their own dogs, though I think that it may send the wrong message to those who don't have very much experience with dogs. The first is that dogs aren't always easy to train and the method of Positive Re-enforcement doesn't always work on dogs. I am a training of 13 years and have worked with several dogs and enjoy using the Positive Re-enforcement training, though I have had quite a few dogs that required domination and ended up happy with their owners as an obedient, loving dog.
    Now tonights episode did infact offend me when Victoria claimed herself to be "The God of Dog Training". She had no right to attack Cesar Millan who uses Energy as a primary training method and even though I respect her training method I have been detured when she resorted to Castration of a dog who had been mounting its' owners. There was no need for that and if she had taught the people how to lay the dog down (Gently if I might add) onto his side and hold him there until he calmed and then repeated this on a daily basis then the dog would have completely stopped and not have to worry about having a hightened risk of bladder infections later on down the line.
    I honestly think that an apology is owed to the many dog trainers out there who still use the domination Method of dog training because it is NOT a cruel method by any means. Holding a dog down isnt painful and it doesnt cause any psychological trauma to the dog, it simply shows the dog that you are the leader of your house hold pack and that they are to respect your place. I do not suggest to use this method on just any dog, however, because there are many dogs that are too timid, or submissive for this. So before you resort to either methods I highly suggest you find a local proffessional who specializes in both methods and ask them for their personal oppinion on how to train your dog.