Greatest American Dog

CBS (ended 2008)


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  • The almighty judges!

    I love the concept of the show. The dogs were fun. I feel there is far to much pressure on the people. And, why in the hell do we have to have a token Brit in the judging panel. She is ruthless like Simon Cowell and Piers whatever his name is. I like her training show shot in the UK, but as a judge, she sucks. The critical overtone is not needed. Give the owners good tips and suggestions and not the way they shouldn't have done something.

    It is too bad most of the episodes if not all of them are already taped. As much as I love dogs and the bond between people and their dogs, I won't continue to watch it if the judges are as negative as they were tonight. I want something uplifting when I take the time to watch television, not something that reminds me of others opinions - that is too much like work.