Greatest American Dog

CBS (ended 2008)


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  • Greatest American Idiot

    Greatest American Dog,
    Well this is a new show from CBS. I was a bit surprised the CBS picked it up. I mean it has no c list actors in it or nothing. I was shocked as well this show was not a dance show. That was a bigger surprise. Ok in this show there a search for the greastest american dog. Although we know it's Lassie they beg to differ. The people move into a house with their dogs and compete in challeges to see who has the best dog. I must say this show is over the top. It makes the owners look like total idiots. They are over obessesed with their dogs they treat them like they dont have lifes. It just shows how willen a person is going to go to prove to nobody for their 15 minutes are great their dog is. When nobody cares because they are watching stupid dance shows. On the bright side this show is better than I love Money but i hope this doesnt make it to a second season.