Greatest American Dog

CBS (ended 2008)


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  • Looks more like another cross between Big Brother and American Idol.

    My Tivo recorded it by mistake so I thought I'd watch it. It looks more like Big Brother than a real competition. They say they selected these dogs as the best 12 out of thousands from all over the country. I think they picked people not dogs. Most of these dogs would not pass a basic obedience class. There is like 1 actual dog trainer in the whole bunch. Mainly they are like my ex wife. They want to be thought of as dog trainers but not put the time. You could go to almost any dog show and find a few dozen dogs that would totally humiliate the ones on the show. And yet they expect them to teach these dogs new stuff each week like American Idol. It will be interesting to see if they cancel the show. Probably not since the whole thing must be in the can by now but then if the ratings are low enough they have pulled shows after the first episode before even though they had 6 - 13 episodes already done. So we can hope.