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CBS (ended 2008)


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  • This show suffers from two major and crippling flaws:  The progressive elimination of the most intersesting dogs and the boring, biased judges.

    The elimination of the "lowest ranking" dog each week weakens the show by taking away the most interesting characters, which are supposed to be the DOGS!  Essie never had a chance.  How cool was Elvis?  He wouldn't have come home crying like a wooze (as Star did) but would have brought the snake and all its friends home in his mouth!!  I really miss that beautiful Giant Schnauser!  What a disappointment he's gone instead of that brain-dead Bella Starlet dustmop.  You could have kept all the dogs on the show with a running tally each week so that we could see all the lively and fun things that they CAN do instead of running an "American Idol" knock-off for deranged owners and their neurotic dogs.  Honest I don't care which of the owners is flirting with another...jeez, guys.Perhaps the worst comment is that the judges mirror what you eventually have left...dull working dogs/herders with no personality.  These judges look like they all have had frontal lobotomies.  We'll probably never get to see Tillman ride a skateboard...the one thing he's known for.  They are clueless about the idiosyncrasies of some breeds.  Essie and Elvis are Terriers, for cryin out loud!  I'd like to see stupid Star ride a skateboard or Bella Starlet go to ground and catch a big snake, really anything courageous like terriers do...You know, just a suggeation. You might consider someone a little more towards the sexually active demographic genepool side than these prunes.   Gad, boring.You guys have really screwed up a good show.  Nice job.