Greatest American Dog

CBS (ended 2008)


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  • like everything excpt the judgeing

    i luv the show except the judging is terribal they may be experts but the deff. of an expert is ( a drip under pressure) and they proved it last nite 7/30/08 TILLMAN didnt deserve being kicked off either of the other bottom 3 should hsve been 1 cheated an the other one has not done anything in any of the comp. your judges are a joke you need to let the public deside who is in the botton 3 like they do on so you think you can dance. or at the very least get some judges that will be more in line with the public rather than give corrective speaches then reject probability one of the best dogs on the show the challenge was personalty and tillman has more of that than all the rest of the dogs in the house put together