Greatest American Dog

CBS (ended 2008)


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  • It is amazing to watch the chemistry between the dogs and their owners, but to watch owners get ripped into for not doing EXACTLY what the judges feels the way it should've been executed - The show should've been called something else....

    I love this show! I am a HUGE dog lover and I enjoy watching them do the challenges. Some of the drama between the contestants is a bit much, but overall a great watch. The major grievance I have is the way the judges berate the owners. It seems as though it should be called "Greatest American Dog Trainer". This show gives the audience the impression that EVERY breed is inately capable of completing any and all tasks put in front of them. In actuality, some breeds instinctually herd, protect and some are meant to be lap dogs. In this last episode, the dogs had to herd puppies though a maze. Before it even started, I called Leroy and Galaxy to excel. Why?? They are border collies. These dogs were put on this earth to herd other animals. It is an instint hard wired in their dna to herd animals. Although, I will say, Leroy did a better job of actually herding. Anyways, be it as it may, I will still watch this show till the end and if it comes back on next season.