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CBS (ended 2008)


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  • Wonderful show which I would love to see on again! Maybe this will encourage more people to go out & CAREFULLY find & adopt the perfect dog for themselves at a local Animal Shelter! Who knows, maybe America's next Best dog will be in your local shelter?

    This is a great show which might enspire people to train their own dogs, though I think that it may send the wrong message to those who don't have very much experience with dogs. The first is that dogs aren't always easy to train and the method of Positive Re-enforcement doesn't always work on dogs. I am a training of 13 years and have worked with several dogs and enjoy using the Positive Re-enforcement training, though I have had quite a few dogs that required domination and ended up happy with their owners as an obedient, loving dog.
    Now tonights episode did infact offend me when Victoria claimed herself to be "The God of Dog Training". She had no right to attack Cesar Millan who uses Energy as a primary training method and even though I respect her training method I have been detured when she resorted to Castration of a dog who had been mounting its' owners. There was no need for that and if she had taught the people how to lay the dog down (Gently if I might add) onto his side and hold him there until he calmed and then repeated this on a daily basis then the dog would have completely stopped and not have to worry about having a hightened risk of bladder infections later on down the line.
    I honestly think that an apology is owed to the many dog trainers out there who still use the domination Method of dog training because it is NOT a cruel method by any means. Holding a dog down isnt painful and it doesnt cause any psychological trauma to the dog, it simply shows the dog that you are the leader of your house hold pack and that they are to respect your place. I do not suggest to use this method on just any dog, however, because there are many dogs that are too timid, or submissive for this. So before you resort to either methods I highly suggest you find a local proffessional who specializes in both methods and ask them for their personal oppinion on how to train your dog.