Greatest American Dog

CBS (ended 2008)


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  • Teams pair up with one human directing both dogs and one human hidden in a box. One dog has to ring a bell. The other climbs steps to go in a cedar-shavings-filled container and dig until it finds a rope to pull and release the owner in the box below.

    I've had such fun watching this show--and I'm not even a dog person! Bill and Star are my faves, but Bill really blew it last night. Star was clearly at her limit and Bill kept pushing her to round up the darned puppies. It was obvious that Star wasn't in the least bit interested in the puppies (leg up or not!) and it was only by luck that two managed to cross the finish line...naughty Bill!

    I'm most interested in finding out how others feel about the supposed aversion training that JD uses. I have seen no evidence of such a thing and it doesn't not appear to me that Galaxy fears JD in the least. Where on earth did that come from? I'm not saying I agree with aversion training--and I definitely feel that fear has no place in training--but neither am I a big fan of the constant treats some folks give their animals.

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