Greatest American Dog

CBS (ended 2008)


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  • Show lacks PROFESSIONAL judges, it seems as if the judges are very biased against certain people, and the challeges were lackluster.

    First off, my parents and I have been watching this show with high hopes the entire season. Our view of the show has changed dramatically.

    The judges need to go. The judges are very generic and don't have the needed skills to judge this show. They seem to hold grudges, and that little catfight was very unprofessional. The judges made some very poor decisions, and getting rid of JD and Galaxy was the biggest. They spent more time judging JD, and haven't been concerned about the dog for several episodes. Out of the top three, the Boxer and the Maltese should've been booted way before the Border Collie. What a joke.
    The challenges, or lack of. This show needs major work on making funner, more challenging events. My cat, Halo, is more than capable of completing these bogus challenges. Get real, or go home.

    Would you watch a 2nd season?
    Not if these issues haven't been addressed, and my parents are in this same room, agreeing with me.